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my sony eggos finally broke

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hi there, just looking for some advice.  i've been using a pair of sony eggo mdr-d66sl for about 10+years and part of it finally broke, a piece of the headband... so i'm looking for some advice, first things is what is a good replacement for it?  i've never been able to find something quite as portable, so far i've been thinking about the akg q460 but i'm not entire sure i like the super-aural thing rather than circum-aural.  the second piece of advice i'm looking for is a way to either repair or replace the broken part on my eggos.  it still works but one of the metal bands snapped and i'm just wondering if there's a way to order the part or repair it with soldering.  thanks for any advice.

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funny looking headphones, I just googled them, Maybe looking for a generic headphone with similar way to attach the cups to the headband and change the whole headband.


the band has 2 metal pieces right, only one broke?

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Sony eggos were insanely popular here on head-fi circa 2001ish.. Good headphones, try out the Sony mdr-zx700 as a replacement.

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any reviews on the mdr-zx700's yet?  i hope theyre better than the sony atlus stuff that was released a few years back, those things were horrible.

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yeah, only one piece broke, any ideas as to what kind of headphone i should look at to find a similar band.  i dont know of any other ones like it.

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My Eggos still get very regular use, so practical on the move and a little Fiio E5 is a good companion for beefing up the bass.  However I also recently bought a set of Beyerdynamic DT231's which sound so much better and I have started to use more and more but the Eggo's have such a nice form and tend to be the set chucked into the bag "just in case".  Hope you get yours repaired and can enjoy them for a few more years.



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out of curiosity, anyone here know what kind of solder would be best to attempt the repair?  im not even sure what kind of metal the band is made of...

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