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Originally Posted by astroboysoup View Post

Hey there everyone, My AE5s have finally given up, after a year of the loud pop noise when switching it off, I finally started getting the loud hum and now the speaker crackling.

I'm going to pull the entire thing apart this weekend and document exactly what I'm changing over in order to fix them.

I had a quick look at the circuit boards and some of them have been seals on the back with plastic/protector so it is going to be hard to get to if they're covering the parts with the issues.

At first glance all the connectors and wires look good. No oxidisation on them or all connected well so I have to agree with others here that it may be the capacitors on the boards.

Will let you know how I go and how it costs to repair DIY style.

I like these speakers and not going to give them up this easily.


Hi Peter. I have a same problem (blowing mic sound) in my right speaker. Are you repair your speaker? If you done, can you tell me how?

Note: sory for grammer. English is my third language

Edit 2. Oh, I think david is not here. He has one post in 2013. So everyone, any updates in this problem?
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I had a pair of A5's - did the exact same thing. Got zero help from Audioengine other standard boilerplate email suggesting I move the speakers, check wiring etc.


Bought a second pair - 2 years later - exact same thing. And yet they claim there isn't an "issue."


Shame - they would do a better job of building their brand by offering genuine, thoughtful and considered solutions to what is clearly a real issue with their flagship product - as proven by comments on this board and several other where posters have the same "non-existent" issue.


In this modern age of social media and transparent brand management, all brands, need to do a better job to stay relevant in consumers minds. 


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Howdy Everyone,

Looks like I get to join the snap crackle pop and blow into the mic sound club. This really sucks. My previous monitors lasted over 10 years and these were only used a few times a week for less than 5 years and now they are toast. I've got a 20+ year old Adcom amp sitting here that will power a new pair of non powered monitors or desktop speakers fairly soon. I really liked my Audio Engine speakers when they worked but they won't be getting any repeat business from me.

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I wish you could help me.

I bought an Audioengine A5 and I must admit that I dont like it; actually I really love this sound system very much.

For several months, I have been hearing crackling sounds coming from both speakers randomly. The volume control has no effect on these crackling sounds which are sometimes coming from the right speaker or from the left one or from both of them at the same time. These sounds persist even f I disconnect all the input cables . Wiping the input 1/8 " jacks had no effects. I have turned off all the surrounding electronic equipements to rule out any possible souces of interference. No effect!

I realize that I am not the only one to experience this problem :  http://www.head-fi.org/t/573266/old-audioengine-a5-massive-pops-crackle

I have looked inside at both boards; there are no obvious leaking electolytic capacitors or bad connectors.

I asked a very good electronic techinician twho is a friend of mine to try to repair my A5; he returned me the A5 with a large smile suggesting he didnt have the foggest idea of what was going wrong.

Any idea what to do? Drop the A5 in a garbage can? 

Any suggestion for me?

I really hope you can help me.


Jacques De Lean, 3212 rue de Montreux, Quebec, G1W 4S4. 


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Audioengine know this problem but they pretend not to know. What a shameless company..
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i am new in this forum and registered because of problems with my Audioengines 5. I bought them used (so no information about seller). Due to the high reputation if this speakers (and also high price) I expected a solic piece of hardware.


Unfortunately after two weeks of use the left speaker (With the amp inside) does not work anymore (or only from time to time if i am lucky). If I connect an audio device and increase the volume really high I can hear the music very silent. Seems that there is sth wrong with the amp which correlates with the postings in this forum.


What can I do now? Are there any success stories on this one? Is a circuit diagram available? What would be an official repair shop in Germany? I have to say I would not expect that from speakers with the price of about 400 euros.


Regards blacki

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I'd first look up the distributor in your region on Audioengine's website and inquire about repair services; if the prices are too high or they are unresponsive, ask for schematics so you can fix it or have it fixed by someone who can understand it. I wouldn't bet on that latter option though - large companies tend to be more iffy about "intellectual property" and are only responsive to issues within the warranty period (when they are legally obliged to do so) and by virtue of production economics it is always cheaper to replace the entire thing than have a tech repair it (sometimes that falls on distributors - over here all distros and some dealers have an in-house tech maintaining audio gear, although when they aren't responsive, we learned to take it up to the manufacturer's HQ).

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I am also having problems with mine. They are in warranty though, going to try calling today.  I don't have massive popping just some very muddy sound coming out the right hand speaker when I first turn it on. Doesn't matter the input. Connections are solid no trouble there.  Thinking this has to be a problem in the amp. 

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Do these problems afflict the A5+ as well?

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Originally Posted by NazgulKing View Post

Do these problems afflict the A5+ as well?


I went to a local store to audition that one. Demo unit had it already when I got there, despite being on display for only a few weeks at the time.

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I setup the three scenes below to recreate the fault to see what happens, this was with the A5+ Whites.


1.) XONAR Essence STX w/iTunes, flat equalisers - Volume (Windows 100%, Essence 100%, iTunes 100%

2.) Maximus V Gene w/iTunes, flat equalisers - Volume (Windows 100%, iTunes 100%)


With the two above setups, I was able to recreate the issue after playing the same song two or three times. I also noticed that it only happens after a certain volume. For arguments sake lets say that on the 30th notch (the volume dialer on the speaker unit) it starts to act up within about 5 minutes of audio playing. If I dial it back to notch 28 or 29, I can play music for 20 + minutes without anything happening. Though it isn't as if the extra notch makes the audio distort, it's still crystal clear and is for quite a few notches after. 


3.) LG G3 w/Shuttle, flat equalisers - Volume (LG G3 100%)


After recreating the scene from 1.) and 2.), I quickly switched the AUX cable from the computer, straight into my phone and played the same song. The problem persisted without reducing or changing. After turning it down for 30 seconds, and turning it back up, it was no longer there, but came back a few minutes later. So by this I'm guessing that means it's not a problem with equalisers, or output devices :c What sort of component in the speakers would be responsible for this, and what is actually happening? My first thought is that it's overheating as the fins on the back are quite hot to touch, though I'm no audio hardware expert.

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In regards to the issue, I think I've found a fix. 64 HZ!!


My issue is basically, after a certain volume (81st notch on the speakers with 100 % windows) it doesn't distort, but after a while the speakers act up and start to pop/crackle, and reduce in volume. 


I reduced the 64 Hz range in the EQ, and doing so allowed me to increase my volume and now I'm able to go further than 81 notches, right up until it does start to distort and the issue is now non existent. I can also increase the 32 Hz range which gives back that little bit of bass that was reduced.

Below is the EQ that works best for me. Give it a try before sending them off for RMA. 


Maybe the speakers just can't handle that much power, and reducing the 64 Hz range allowed for an opening of a headroom to also increase volume? After reading I have found out that the parts inside these speakers aren't of high quality build. Which leads me to believe this is true. 


Hope this helps!!



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That sounds more like a patch or tourniquet than a "fix" considering nobody reported these problems on brand new units. If anything, maybe the box tuning or the crossover or whatever was boosting 64hz to make it sound good (that's almost smack in the middle of hard bass thump and the low bass that makes the bass drum have a deeper bass sound), it breaks something on the drivers, then cutting that frequency reduces the distortion made more obvious by the damage.

Either way, whether it was eventual damage or not, that's either a design or manufacturing defect.
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