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Recommendations for a pmp

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I'm looking to upgrade from my sansa clip to something that will allow me to watch videos on the go that is not an ipod touch. Because I hadn't been following all these headfi news for quite a while now, i'm a bit lost as to what are some of the better pmps around in the current market, and was wondering if you guys can help me out here.


I'm looking for a pmp that:

- is suitable for playing videos (decent screen size, resolution etc)

- has decent to good sound quality

- has decent UI and is reliabe (hence from what ive been reading, the T51 is out)

- (optional but if have will be a huge plus) has a micro sd expansion slot

- is affordable (Very important! preferably around the $200 range, below $300)


I've heard good things about the J3. Any other options I can consider?

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bumping this thread a bit.


My own research seems to have brought up the archos 5. Any other suggestions?

By the way another thing that i'm looking out for is no camera integrated in the player.

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I recommend using the pimp backhand to keep your ho's in line.


edit: oh you probably meant portable media player instead of pimp. In that case take a look at the Sansa Fuze ( the Fuze+ has worse SQ according to some comparisons). The screen is 1 3/4 inches by 1 1/4 inches and has software to convert videos to a format it can play. The wheel is polarizing, some love it some hate it. It's around $75 for an 8GB and has a slot for MicroSD cards.
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