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HELP! Cmoy Vs Fiio E11

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Hay guys, I wanna buy a portable amp, but I'm actually not shure about getting a Cmoy or a Fiio e11. I have Koss pro dj100 and use ipod and computer mainly; listen to classic rock, jazz, alt rock and classical mainly. About the Cmoy I got two main options, from ebay:


this ones price is almost same as E11:



This is actually cheaper so I'm not shure about components and average sound.




So please, please, please beloved audiophiles would you help this confused newbie??

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I personally prefer the look and design of the CMoy tin amp. 

But the E11 is definitely more durable than the tin amp which encases the cmoy circuitry.


In-depth review of the Cmoy: http://www.headfonia.com/60-pack-of-awesome-jdslabs-cmoy/

In-depth review of the Fiio E11: http://www.head-fi.org/t/552605/fiio-e11-the-initial-impression-final-thought


As for battery life, the E11 can last roughly 10 hours of use, which, imo, is very short.

Apparently it takes 200 minutes for a full-charge and you can't use the amplifier while you're

charging it from your laptop. That's a big minus if you're going to be using it with your laptop.


Any reason you're looking at the E11/CMoy? The Fiio E7 is a portable dac/amplifier that

has a battery rated at roughly 80-100 hours of use. I have the E7, and I love it. You can get the

Fiio E7 used for much less. 

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I was in your boat a couple months back.  I was anxiously waiting on the release of the E11 and when it came out i read all the reviews and then stumbled on a comparison of a number of different amps and after waiting all that time decided to go with the JDS CMOY and could not be happier, some day I would like to listen to a E11 but for now I am sticking with the JDS CMOY.





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CMoy's are rather thick if used with a portable DAP or smartphone.
I'm almost tempted to use an extra long LOD cable to put my phone in 1 pocket and the amp in the other.

ALSO!! interference hits most DIY amps hard

Not sure about fiio's
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Another vote for E11 + it will be easier to sell if you dont like it

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