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Thunderpants vs Custom IEMS

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As far as a portable rig goes, how do the closed Thunderpants that Smeggy makes paired with an amp/dac like the Fostex HP-P1 Jude uses with it compare to custom IEMs like the Westone ES5 and the JH-16 straight out of an iPod or with an amp/dac in terms of sound quality and isolation? I have a feeling that these may replace some IEMs in portable rigs like some IEMs replaced open headphones.

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not sure the hp-p1 woudl drive the TP's optimally

TP's are obviously less portale than customs

TP's isolate well, but customs would almost surely isolate more


cant tell you anything about sound quality comparison or type of sound signature, except that a guess would be that the sound signature of full sized closed orthos like the TP's is simply going to be different than the other IEM's mentioned.. even if they possibly were as good sounding (i dont actually know) i doubt they would sound very similar.



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I have smeggy's thunderpants with O2 pads. Wearing it on the go makes my ears really sweaty, not really good. And the bass port lets wind sounds in.


They're also really hard to drive. My westone 4's go up to 1 out of 10 out of my Hifiman HM-801. Thunderpants go up to 6 out of 10, more than my HE-500's, Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro's 250Ohm...


Just go with customs dude. Thunderpants aren't meant for portable use. I mean, they even have 1/4 inch TRS jacks...

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