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Headphones I've owned - A reminiscence

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Koss Pro 4AAA


A hand-me-down.  Excellent sound - and I mean excellent.  Kept breaking down, even though I was always very careful with them - but they were about 20 years old when I got them.  Regardless, I loved these headphones and had them for about ten years - from early teen to adult.  Was getting tired of paying for repairs, so I handed them down again.


Sennheiser PX100


I decide I want something portable, so after reading a million online reviews of these, I buy them, and am blown away.  I guess that headphone technology has improved in the last 30 years.  Much better sounding than my old Koss Pros.  Everything is fine, and I'm a happy girl until one day I listen to........


Grado SR80i


Oh my god.  So this is what I've been missing.  Detail.  Incredible pin-point detail.  Warm, beautiful sound.  Deep deep lows, and sparkling highs.  But these are lost (stolen?), and I begin my hunt for replacements.  I'm not going to go down in quality, ever.  But I'm also not made of money.


Klipsch S4


I buy these after reading tons of positive online reviews.  My thoughts are:  I can't really take my Grados out too often, and while I'm shopping for a replacement pair, I'll get some portable little earbuds for my 2gb apple nano while I'm looking.  Sorry, but I hate them right from the start.  I burn them in for hours and hours.  I really try.  But I can't stand the tinny highs and the fake lows.  And, I learn, I can't stand to jam things into my ear canals.  So I return them, and try......


Bose IE2


These are on sale for half price, so I pick up a pair from the same big box electronic store.  I actually really like them.  Much better than the Klipsh.  Nice warm sound, with tons of detail.  And very comfortable.  They're certainly not Grados, but I'm very surprised the quality of sound coming from these guys.


Alessandro MS1i


Okay.  I've decided on my Grado SR80i replacement.  Ordered them a few days ago, and now I'm waiting for the mail.


If anyone actually read this post all the way to the bottom, I thank you.  I'm sure of the point of this, but, well, I thought maybe somebody out there might be interested.

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I agree with the PX100s. I have a pair of the originals and love them.cool.gif
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You should try the HD 25-I II sometime. 

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