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An AKG (K141, I think) fan is born!

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Today I was prowling around a thrift store a spotted a set of AKG 141 headphones for sale ($12). I couldn't tell what model they were because the silver badges on the side were missing, but I later figured out the were model 141 - vintage from the 70s, I guess.  They need a lot of juice to get going, so they must be a home/studio model.  Anyway, they were kinda of scuffy looking, but the pads weren't bad, the drivers were loose, though (I found out the foam inside was rotted and replaced that) and, as I said they were a mystery model. Still I knew AKG makes a good phone and I'd never heard a pair so I bought these poor abandoned old phones. But will a little elbow grease I buffed them up and plugged them in. MAGNIFICENT. What nice headphones! A wonderful airy sound, detailed yet not piercing at all. Very well balanced and even presentation. A great sound! I've been a Sennheiser fan for years (Grado are a little bright for me) but the AGKs are a great alternative to the big, robust Senn sound. They are like listening to a nice planar speaker or something. Just well balanced, nothing in your face, will a very pleasant lively sound. An AKG Fan is Born!

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Yep. They have 600ohm impedance. I have them from 20+ years and they still work flawlessly.


I wonder if AKG themselves made a new model sounding like these (the MONITOR ones I mean).


The K121 looks similar, and the K141 Mk II looks as an evolution.


But no headphones are 600ohms now, they are all 55ohms.


And I wonder which one uses the same "speaker" (driver?).

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