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Where to buy/ Deals IE8?

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Hey guys,


Great site, been checkin it out for a while and just reading. Leaned a lot to be honest! Finally decided on what to buy and need some help.


Decided on the IE8 as they cater to the basshead in me and also seem to have good soundstage and balance. Compared them with shure se535 and westone 3.


First to purchase them and they seem to be over priced in comparison to the US. They are ~ $449 here in Australia. I have heard and seen that they are ~ US$230 in the US.

Are there any deals on them at the moment, and how would i get them down to Australia? Or is there somewhere in Australia that sells them cheaper legitimately?


I was planning on using these on my planned overseas trips and using them in general.

In terms of this i know isolation on these isn't very good, what tips are good for this?

how much do customs improve on this? (anyone had customs done in australia? where, how much)


Thanks for your help


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Ended up gettin westone 3's for a great price at earphone solutions. Besides theres a 'new' version of IE8's comin soon...

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Ebay? There was an Australian ebay seller who received 100% positive feedback on his IE8s so I'm pretty sure it's genuine.

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Thanks mate, im looking into the new ones the Senn are apparently bringing out and bought the Westone 3 for the meantime

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beerchug.gif congrats on your purchase. I also have the W3 and they are one of my favourite IEMs. Also waiting for the IE80 to come out

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Thanks beerchug.gif kckc. Yeh hopefully they dont dissapoint! 


I see you have the Hippo VB, just received a set of them and wondering if you found the treble/ vocals were quite recessed? Does this clear up after a 'burn-in' period?

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I've actually only recently got my VBs too so I haven't listened to them for very long. I've burned mine in for about 60hrs now and I do agree that vocals are a bit recessed. I also find the VB to be a tad sibilant and the treble a little harsh on a couple songs.

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Ahh ok. Yeh ditto, i found the same thing. hoping they will ease up after burn in.....i think my bro wants these so ill tell him to just EQ it up for the vocals maybe. hes not toooo fussed though.... for now gs1000.gif

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