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k601 headband on k702

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I just ordered a k601 headband replacement for my k702's and I just wanted to clarify where exactly I'm suppose to pop off the CE cap. I know your suppose to insert a screwdriver into the notch below the CE logo but I wasn't sure if your suppose to break through the plastic covering the notch http://i.imgur.com/Rbef4.jpg. I read LuciferX's thread and his diagrams looked like you were suppose to insert it below the notch but I wasn't sure if he meant the CE log cap itself(red line) or under the clear plastic piece(blue line) http://i.imgur.com/Nmflf.jpg

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Bit of an update I managed to remove the headband and if anyone was curious for future reference I used my finger nail to try and lift the clear plastic part (blue line) in order to squeeze a small screwdriver under there. The problem is now in LuciferX's guide he just skipped replacing the plastic clips that hold the rubber loops and just popped off the CE logo on the replacement but one of the plastic clips broke http://i.imgur.com/HDGLM.jpg when I was removing the headband and I have no ideal how your suppose to get to the other end of the rubber band. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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I'm done now and again if anyone wanted to know for future reference this site tells you how http://www.headphone.com/rightbetweenyourears/?p=1365. Here's some pics as well if anyone cared what the k601 headband on a k702 looked like. Just be careful when you're taking off the side grills and try to apply downwards pressure where the hooks are as you turn it or else you'll end up destroying them like I did and have to order a new one :P It's not the prettiest but its a hell of a lot more comfortable.
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Thanks for the thread and info. I broke a CE cap when I tried long ago. frown.gif

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Getting a pair of K701 and I'll be using your guide! Thanks!

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Hey I was just wondering where you got the K601 headband or if you already had a pair of them because I'm looking to do the same

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