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Back on head-fi. Amp recommendation please

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hi folks, back after a bit of a break from head-fi :-)


Just sold my beta22 and would like to try another amp to go with my Edition 8 and Buffalo dac. Have been looking at the Rudistor RPX-33 EV-08. I feel a bit out of date as there seems to be a bunch of new players in the last year I've been away from head fi. Looking for something exciting and different under $1000 or in that neighborhood. I'll be buying used.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Based on some reading got interested in the Meier concerto and burson Ha-160 amps. Any suggestions appreciated.
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Having been spoiled by a b22 in the past I was worried I would be disappointed going with another amp.


Based on some reading and advice I got here, picked up a Meier Concerto from a nice head-fier. Been listening to it last couple of days. I am very impressed. What a great little amp. Amazingly quiet. Very detailed and overall a well rounded sound.


Another Meier audio fan here. Way to go Jan !

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Is it better than a Beta22?

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of course not. And I didnt expect it to be. I paid less than half for it than my B22 build cost me. But the concerto represents excellent value for money for what it delivers at its price. And it seems to perform very well with everything I've thrown at it.


The B22 is an utterly amazing amp. No doubt about it.


Last couple of days, I'm getting lost in music again without thinking about my gear, after a long time.



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Okay that's what I thought, but I had to be sure.

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Nothing is better than a Beta 22, unless its the balanced version. Beta22's can run anything...
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I would not buy the concerto from what I've read on headfonia and 6moons. http://www.headfonia.com/meier-audio-concerto-and-stagedac/


I don’t think it has enough technical points to justify the $700 price tag. For instance, the soundstage are quite mediocre and even sub-par for a $700 desktop amplifier. The articulation is good and the pace is among the fastest I’ve heard, but the sound is rather mechanical sounding as a whole and each notes seem to be forcefully separated to achieve the articulation, rather than a natural blending of tones. And while the pace is quite fast, the bass punch is relatively weak (compared to a Burson, for instance) hence overall PRaT is not too happening. 


Whoops just reread your post, it seems as though you bought the concerto

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I actually read the headfonia review (probably the only negative review on the amp I've seen). Overall after hearing the amp, I disagree with his review for the most part. The soundstage is nowhere as wide & deep as my B22 but I disagree that the concerto is mechanical sounding.


This is one of the quietest and most detailed amps I've heard at this price range. The bass is not weak as he states. On the contrary its great paired with my Edition 8.

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Thats the trouble with reviews like those of headphonia, some assume because its a professional review or at the very least a guy who has more experience that it must be correct, but its just one guys opinion, obviously his ear/taste didnt care for the concerto amp, so a poor review is kinda unfair I think.

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