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RUles for Trade forum???

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Hi all,


Are there any restrictions before I post a thread in the trade forum? Apparently I can't do that now :(



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You need 15 posts and your account needs to be 30 days old.
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thanks for the info

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Welcome to the forum. One should take the time to read the rules conveniently placed at the top of each of the for sale forums.


Hint: The section titled Important For Sale/Trade Links, Information, Warnings:


You probably missed Head-Fi's Terms of Service too.

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why do you need 15 posts? any specific reason?


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Maybe it allows members of the forum (potential buyers) a chance to get to know you a bit.

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Lame Rule. I could start a new headphone website in that time. Lets see design a website and forum upload it to new server ..... guess what that would take less time then 30 days!

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OK don't ban me. I am just making a point. See now I have 5 posts so not very far to 15. Truth is I just want to see about trading a mint set of Yamaha YH-100s but this having to wait is a pain and makes me think its not worth trying.

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Someone would have to be crazy to trade with a new person unless it was in person.
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As a seller: It's so easy to get scammed, they've tried to incorporate basic anti-bot and anti-scammer systems in.  Most scammer's wont premeditatedly make accounts months in advance and waste their time posting.  They'll find somewhere else where they can successfully do the short con.


As a buyer:  Part of the point is people don't come here just to buy and sell - it's a community for discussion and a shared hobby.  If you just came here to get a good deal on some headphones and not participate then perhaps this isn't the forum for you.

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