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headphones for 20$

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please recommend good in-ear headphones for 20$ using with my ipod

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I like the Creative EP-630s. They're slightly under $20 on Amazon and they reminded me of my Sennheiser CX300s (which are about $30-$40 on Amazon). Don't buy them on eBay, though. I did because they were a good deal and they were the worst headphones that I have ever used. I'm not sure if they're commonly faked (I recall reading something about that) but I'd definitely go through an authorized retailer. Amazon has a good return policy, should you decide that you don't like them.


They're comfortable and light. The isolation isn't bad with the stock tips but it's not ground breaking, either. They have a bass heavy sound so if you're into that, they shouldn't disappoint.


I haven't used many under-$20 headphones since I bought my first set of Sennheisers so I'm not too aware of what's good these days. I'm sure other users will have more helpful advice.

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