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Hi everyone.

Please be aware that there is a listing on eBay U.K. for the new Colorfly CK4.


I have spoken to Colorful in Germany about this and here is their response...."it seems that it is about a piracy of products of our new launched items Colorfly CK4"..."and this “stupid” sellers just would like to destroy us with their new weapon of Colorfly CK4 where they would like to avoid to pay the taxes and finally make an evasion of taxes and to compete with legal seller"...That it is why you have also to report this bad occurrence directly to http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/buy/report-trading.html like we have already done here in Germany for such kinds of bad criminals.


For now this warning only applies to BIGBARGAINSONLINE although I suggest that people are cautious. The CK4 is an mp4 player aimed more at the mass market and does not compete with the C4 in terms of sound quality.

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And one more here...

Anyway, thanks for you helpful comment.

That's why you have C4?
I hope you tried to compare CK4 by yourself with other players in the same price range...
Strange that you have just posted the same message to more forums.

CK4 with decent amplifier is very good choice.
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I have not tried the CK4 to be honest. I saw it listed on eBay and asked the seller a question or two and his answer made me suspicious. He told me it was an updated C4 and was of better quality (He also tried to sell me more than just one!). I contacted Colorful in Germany about this and it started from there. In my opinion a mistake was made in giving the two Colorflys such a close, similar, name.


I do not like being lied to and so yes, I have posted a few similar warnings and have informed eBay U.K.


You are probably quite correct when you say the CK4(Genuine) is good with a decent amp but then you have two items instead of one and so the cost goes up. I have two C4's, a couple of QLS 350's an iPod Touch and various other players. All have their place but as a single item, portable player, without the need for add on's (Amp or DAC) the C4 is brilliant. Of course, I also use it's S/PDIF out at times into expensive DACs and Amps, it then becomes totally stunning. One can improve on most things but as a stand alone player I just love the C4. Had one since about January this year and will defend it to the death! Guess I'm a bit of a nut, eighty odd IEM's and more than enough full size cans, some of the very best. I have five amps just in my bedroom!! ENJOY THE MUSIC.

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I know that CK4 not C4...but not everybody needs that, and there are many choices under 600EUR...

I bought CK4 from Jaben, 1520HKD (144EUR now) + Headstage Arrow 12G3(Refurbished) 175EUR so about 320EUR all.

And I store different things in my bedroom:)
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Yes, you are correct. Hope you didn't take offence, none intended and I've no doubt your CK4 was a good buy. Sometimes one can obtain a fantastic sound, almost by luck. For example, I sometimes use my QLS 350(L/O) straight into a valve pre/power amp and then onto my home built speakers (full range, single drivers). The sound is often still unbelievable and at a cost of only about £600.

I think the real key to good sound is having good quality files in the first place. I know not everyone wants the C4 but I do think it gives very good value for money and anyway I started this thread only to warn about the fake CK4's. Like I say, enjoy the music and have a good time. Regards, El Crazo.

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Correction. There may have been some confusion here over the word 'piracy'. In the U.K. at least, this refers to copies of something e.g. CDs' However, translation from Chinese to English is not always exact. It might turn out that the CK4 on eBay is not fake but is being sold into the U.K. to diliberately cause confusion and problems for retailers selling the C4 by a disgruntled Chinese seller who is flying them in from Japan for this sole purpose. The CK4 is not at present intended for the EU market. Colorful eu are investigating this whole issue so watch this space.

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I just bought something from that eBay seller actually, though not Colorfly. The title is confusing - what you mean is 'parallel import', not 'fake'. These are two very different concepts and they are not the same.

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Not sure what is going on for certain yet but Colorful eu tell me they are looking into it. As I said, their use of the word PIRACY is probably not a good choice (as is the naming of the CK4) In my book, piracy means copying.. The seller on eBay I believe has an axe to grind with Colorful and has done this on purpose to cause trouble. Having purchased two C4s' I have a good relationship with Colorful and they have told me that the CK4 is not for sale in europe, no mp4 licence is one reason. Probably best if I stay out of this and let them fight it out!!

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Sorry to hear about this. Hope this gets resolved

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Me too. I think the C4 has struggled to get the recognition it deserves and the sale of the CK4 into the U.K. could cause some damage, which is clearly the intent here, especially as the seller is saying it is an updated version of the C4 and better quality. I have a CK4 on order now and we will see. The following is the answer I got from the guy selling the CK4 -"dear,don't worry,CK4 is the updated version of C4,CK4 has better quality.you can buy one first to see whether it is a good item,then decide to buy more or not.bes wishes".
Believe that and you'll believe anything!

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Its just grey/parallel imports, you can get the 8gb colorfly for as cheap as $80 usd brand new if you know where to look/have the right connections lol.

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I don't suppose you can say where, at that price I could give a few away as Christmas gifts!!

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I have not seen or heard anything about fake colorfly ck4 HERE in China. Maybe the ebay seller is selling genuine colorfly CK4 but presenting it as better than C4 and updated version of c4  is a false claim. 

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I now know that the CK4 on eBay is not a fake. What is known is that the listing on eBay is a deliberate attempt to 'kill' sales of the C4 here in the U.K. This has now been admitted by the seller in a conversation with Colorful. It also seems as though there may be an employee at their factory in China who is selling the CK4 out of the 'back door' and this is being investigated. Yes, the statement that the CK4 is an 'updated' version of the C4 is totally false and again is a deliberate attempt to damage sales of the C4. If, as ESSENCEZ has suggested, the CK4 can be purchased for just $80 which is about £51 ukp, then there is something terribly wrong going on here. Frankly, it would appear that Colorful do not have control of how their products are getting onto the market.

Also, and I have said this before, Colorful have made a stupid mistake by giving these two, totally different, products almost the same name. I was talking with another person last night who, like me, also has the C4 and he feels that we have been let down. What was a unique and wonderful player has now been undermined by these events and if both can play 24/192 Wav files then why bother with the C4? I think the questions here should be how can a player costing so little be as good as one costing far more? It can't, can it? What does ESSENCEZ mean by "if you know where to look/have the right connections lol". ( I have asked but not yet had a reply). And what are Colorful playing at here?

When my CK4 arrives (if it ever does) I will do some serious comparisons with the C4 and post the results. If I can be bothered.

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Please keep us informed as I am ready to buy one or the other.

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