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B2's HM3 or other with ZO

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For beginning sorry for posting all around but it's my first try of buying more expensive audio gear :)

 So i already bought digiziod ZO (don't got it yet)

And i was going to buy brainwavz B2's , but then i saw that brainwavz hm3 came in.

 and now i don't know what to do ... i prefer iem's over headphones but most important thing to me is sound quality.

I am a secret basshead(dubstep) that also likes singing poetry, rap, minimal, and others

I bought ZO specially for B2 because these don't have impressive bass, but now i don't know should i choose these or headphones hm3 or another ones with B2 pricerange... also i don't know how ZO will go on bassheavy well good bass having headphones. 

So should i choose b2's or hm3  or ( other prefered headphones) for 1better sound 2better bass 3 getting most potencial of ZO 


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Also i am not afraid of buying used ones

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I would say try Brainwavz m2? because m2 is more into bass good mid and an ok high.. and since u're more into in ear.


however why don't u wait for some review on hm3 to show up.. and go from there.. 



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B2 not for basshead

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+1 to the above.  The quality of the bass simply amazing on the B2s, but it will lack quantity of bass for your tastes, I'd avoid them.  M3s are very good with bass, but still not bass-head type.  I have yet to hear the M2s though.  The M1s have a warmer sound overall.  I can almost guarantee that no one here has heard the new Brainwavz over-ear cans.  So we can't really comment on their sound. 

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I think the following headphone may be able to suite you (bass-quantity-wise)

  • ThinkSound TS02
  • DUNU Hephaes
  • UE 500
  • Bowers and Wilkins C5



EDIT: Sorry for the double post, I thought I selected to edit my previous post.  Carelessness I guess. 

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well with m2 now on pre order, i would say you try it out.. it has more bass quantity than both m1 and m3.. dont have b2 so can't say much.. but I use m2 for listening alot of RnB and techno music that has plenty of bass. but I am not a bass head tho.. if u asking about sound quality.. m2 sounds great for quality... you can read comparison of IEMs somewhere in this forum if I am not mistaken. 

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The bass quality and quantity is just about right on the B2s.
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Originally Posted by snakeeater69 View Post

The bass quality and quantity is just about right on the B2s.

I agree with this 100%. However, the OP stated that he is a bass-head (in secrecy). The B2s in no ways, shapes or forms, will ever suite any bass-head.
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