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I'm currently using my Shure SRH940's with a Hifiman HM601 and enjoy it, but may be in a position soon where I can make a significant upgrade.


I generally prefer full-sized cans, especially with Winter coming, but I guess I'm wondering if the JH13 Pros perform better than the Edition 8's and, if they do, is it significant enough for me to go through the trouble of having them made?


How do you guys think these cans would work with the HM-601?  Would the bass emphasis of the player coupled with that of the Edition 8's be too dark?  Are the JH13 Pros worthwhile on a player that's less accurate?


Of course any other recommendations are welcome as well.  I don't need great isolation (as I find that of my 940's while music's playing good enough), but nothing open-backed.


Thank you all in advance!