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Grado SR80i, noise.

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I just received my Grado SR80i by mail, and been running music on them all morning now.

They're really surprising - the sound is fantastic, but they seem to be more like a set of speakers rather than a pair of headphones.


How come the sound is louder through the semi-open(or whatever) holes on the outside?

My music can be heard by people standing 10 feet+ away.. 


So the thing is that I can't use these headphones at school, cause of the sound not being contained in the headphones - I feel like this ruins the point of headphones.

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Turn them down.


My listening volume can be heard at 2 feet away from me.

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That's an open headphone. The design is different to make the sound you hear. If you cover up the back of the phones, the sound will turn into a hallow tinny sound. It's a good headphone. But, it doesn't isolate at all. Open headphones are not meant to be used in public and in noisy environments, they're used typically for audio listening purposes that are more quiet and offer usually a nicer sound stage. Most very nice headphones are open air actually. Especially when it comes to audiophilism and hifi. Closed headphones would be appropriate for someone using them on the go and portable around others and in the environment. I would use the Grado at home and get another set of closed back headphones for going out/school/etc. Something like the RP-HTF600, Denon D1100, Shure SRH840/750DJ, FischerAudio FA-003, etc.


Very best,

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Nice response, MalVeauX!


Are there any chance the L-pads will get me some more kick to the bass?

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