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In ear - flight + daily use, workout ect

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So I have never bought a set of ear buds but the time has come. I'll be making a trip to Japan (14 hr flight) so that is the main reason. However, I want something I will use other than in the air. Working out ect.

From reading here the er4p seem to be a front runner for nose reduction but what about for threw gym? I've heard they have mechanical cord nose?

The er4p I would pick up used as I'm trying to keep the price around $150. So what else should I be looking at?

Thanks in advance, love all the info on this site.

Ps if it makes a diff I use a sprint galaxy s2 as my phone and music player for the gym, not an apple product.
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Take the cords over ear and you'll be fine. Phonak is also a good all arounder. The ETs are isolation kings with the triplle flange tips but long term comfort is quite variable by individual. They're also a bit etched.hot on top. They're also tougher to remove to speak etc. Phonaks are easy breezy and pretty good at everything. If you want to do a high effeciency ET I'd rather you try thr HF5. Not quite as revealing but better balanced than the 4p. Same isolation and fit considerations. They were pretty much tuned for the triple flanges and deep insertion.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I was planning to replace the tips with the Shure Olive tips as I'm not sure that the 3 flange deep insertion is something that is to comfortable for me. I've tried 3 flanged ear plugs before for shooting and they kinda hurt my ear. Are you saying that if I'm going to replace the factory 3 flange then not to buy those? Same thing goes for the HF5?


I'm not set on that brand, just seen a lot of good talk about them.


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Absolutely not, olives and etys were literally made for each other and imo improves the sound of ety by increasing bass quantity and slam, which is a huge weakness of etys. Olives paired with either HF5s or ER4 will probably give you the best isolation on the planet from an iem, far greater than with the triple flange or stock foams. if you find the right size of olives, for me it was the medium, you can insert them fairly deeply with no discomfort watsoever. I actually found them more comfortable than the ety sponges or any type of flange. 

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Seems like a lot are saying to just go with HF5s, I guess I should just save the money then and not buy the ER4s huh? I'd buy the HF5 new, the ER4s I'd have to buy used as they are out of my 'music' money right now haha.

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I've never tried the HF5, but I have used the hf3 (I left them on the bus one horrible day). They were great and they will be right up the alley for what you're looking for. Right now, I use the Shure SE 215. You might want to check those out. They are really good for travel and working out, though I still have an issue with microphonics, or whatever the word is for the cable making noise while I run.

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I recommend the Brainwavz B2 for your purposes.


I was using the Brainwavz B2 on a recent flight (approx 150 seats) with shure olives and the isolation was fine even listening to ballads (I only noticed a little turbulance during the silence between tracks).  Probably not as much isolation as the HF5, but I imagine it wasn't far off.  I do own the Etymotic MC5 and depending upon the tips I use, I get either very comforable with poor sound (shure gray silicon) or very uncomfortable with good sound (shure olives and etymotic triple flange).  Not certain how close the MC5 is in terms of fit compared to the HF5.


Given the fit issues I've had with the Etymotic, I can't imagine the HF5 would work out better then the B2 for exercising.  Plus the the Brainwavz B2 has a cable with very little microphonics.


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A little off topic, but can anyone verify for me if the B2s are just a rebranded DBA02s and if they sound identical?


Back on track, OP, if you do get HF5s, they should be worn OVER the ears since that will eliminate microphonics almost 100%; with the ER4s, you are stuck wearing them straight down and like the HF5s when worn in similar fashions, the microphonics are quite horrific. 

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Just a heads up, if you're considerin the B2: I've used the DBA-02 in the gym and sorely regretted it. The cables stiffened up and cracked about a month in. Fortunately I got it replaced on warranty, but if the B2's cable is anything like it I'd stay away.

Ever since I use a cheap MEElec for the gym (they run weekly specials) and keep my nicer IEMs for commuting and studying.
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westones are very good for gym

i used UM2 for couple of years for gym, bike and jogging - very comfortable, stays in ears and their cable can handle a lot of sweat 

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Thanks guys! Just placed my order with Earphone Solutions for some HF5's and Shure Olives. I took a guess and bought the medium Olives, if they don't fit I'll toss them up on here for sale haha! Saw someone else posted sb8 for 8% off on ES and it worked great, thanks for all the information! Can't wait to get them.

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