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ATH-ES10 vs. Pro 900 (vs. DT 1350)

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Hi Everyone,


I am thinking of purchasing the ATH-ES10 but just had a few quick questions. How is the sound straight out of an ipod or computer? If I buy an amp such as the D-Zero or E11 will that be enough to get quality sound or will I need a better amp, or does it not matter much with these headphones. Does anyone have comments on the isolation effect? I am not that concerned with isolation but it would be nice to have. Also, do the headphones leak alot of noise or contain it relatively well?


I think these headphones look great and should have an amazing sound. If anyone has any opinions or advice I would really appreciate it before I make my purchase. I was mainly comparing them with the DT1350 which isolate extremely well and seem to have very solid reviews. I like the look of the ES10 much better and I would expect they are more comfortable. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I'm really excited to purchase one of these two just having some trouble deciding, can't wait to finally get one though beyersmile.png Thanks alot.

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Do you have any possibility of trying either of the headphones out before you buy? Or do you live in the US and can buy and try and then return them if you don't like them?


When I buy expensive headphones (over $100) I prefer to try them out first. I was lucky when I lived in Japan in 2010. Then I could bring my MP3 player to any electronics chain and try them out. I tried out both ATH M50, ATH ES7 and Sennheiser HD25 before buying them (the M50 and ES7 were bought second hand). I also tried the ATH ES10 and I liked them a lot, but the price tag scared me off. I remember that the ES10 sounded fine out of the headphone jack on my MP3 player. It sounds like a much more full bodied and balanced version of the ES7. But with more pronounced bass.


I'm thinking of buying the ES10 when I go to Japan in October. The yen has become very expensive compared to the Swedish crown lately, but it's still cheaper to buy them in Japan than in Sweden...


Haven't tried the DT1350 out, but they seem nice as well.


If you want isolation, the ES10 are not a very good choice. But if you are okay with that I can recommend them.

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Thanks Danneq, Yes Im in the US so I believe I can return them. I know if I buy on amazon then a return is no problem I'm not sure about other sites like accessoryjack. I don't know if I care about isolation that much but I don't want my music leaking out to others. Do the ES10 leak alot of sound? How would you compare the ES10 to the HD25 or even the M50? Thanks for your help.

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Just in case anyone else is interested in these two cans, I posted my impressions on them in 2pacalypse33's other thread here:



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Well, I think you have to push the volume pretty loud for music to leak out. It is not like open portable headphones, such as Koss Porta Pro or Sennheiser PX100.


I wore my ATH ES7 on the train to and from work today. They do not isolate as well as the HD25, so it is easier to hear outside noises. While the ES10 (I think the ES7 and 10 have about the same level of isolation) is good at keeping music from being leaked out, it doesn't do very well at stopping outside noises from leaking in...


I cannot compare the ES10 to the HD25 after trying the ES10 on for just about 5 minutes, but I remember that compared to the ES7, the ES10 has got a much more full sound while the ES7 has got more prominent mids.


Anyway, kenshin27 does a good comparison between the ES10 and DT1350...

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Thanks guys. I switched up the thread title. I don't think I'm considering the dt1350 anymore. I am down to the ES10 and the Ultrasone PRO 900. If anyone has any comments on these I would appreciate it. I know the pro 900 probably isolate better but which one has better sound quality for hip hop style music with relatively strong bass but also a great deal of emphasis on vocals (more than bass). Also are the pro 900 still considered portable?


I feel like I have the same thread in two places so feel free to ignore this but I thought the thread title makes for a more apt comparison of what I am now looking for.


Amp recommendations are always welcome (if necessary with the pro 900 or es10 in your opinion). Thanks everyone.

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the pro900 are the best hip hop and EDM cans I've heard but they are full-size not portable. Ipod will drive them but not to 100% even thou the pro900 don't really need an amp they do benefit a little. I don't know about your experience with HP but you should know that the law of diminishing returns is definitely in play here, the HD25ii are half the price of the es10 but I highly doubt they are only half as good and a lot of people are recommending those to you. And glad to see you didn't start a new thread again cause you changed cans again.

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Thanks man yeah I understand that but I am just looking for the best overall headphone I can get for this range. How is the isolation on the pro 900? I guess if they are full size I can still wear them when traveling. Do you have any recommendation or comparison in relation to the es10? The first thread was just to get some insight and the second was to get a specific comparison. I don’t want to annoy anyone just thought people might have more direct opinions on specific cans rather than a general recommendation. Thanks for your help.

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Isolation is ok, I think you said you had the m50 it's just a little worse than them. The pro900 are plastic buts it's a really tough durable type. They have a unique sound sig and they are kind of open sounding. I really love the pro900 actually but not everyone does, I recommend you search the pro900 thread to get more info or ultrasone thread. I have never heard the es10, but in all seriousness they are expensive. Are you sure you want to use something that expensive as a portable (sorry Im getting personal).
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Thanks man I will try to search through that thread. I know they are both great headphones just not sure which one to pick. No worries about getting personal, its not a big deal to use it as a portable for me. I will basically only use them on the train to and from work and I always have my bag with me. The rest of the time will be at home at night or on weekends so they aren't really out much. I won't be using them like walking the streets or anything like that. I've had the denon 1001 for a long time and the isolation on those is not good at all although I love the sound. I am just looking to make a nice upgrade so I figured I would go for a high quality headphone since I don't make purchases like this often. Thanks again for any help.

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