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A list:


1) Radio_Head

2) Draygonn

3) Hennyo

4) SLaRe

5) LFG530


7) Ogdoaden


The less wood diversity we choose the less complicated it will be for smeggy, but if we don't agree on one we could pick two choices or even three but not more (and they can't be really exotic and hard to find from what I understand), let's try sticking to two. I think ebony would be a good option since it's really neutral... (I personnaly think redheart is simply gorgeous looking: http://home.comcast.net/~garybutcher/Thunderpants_TP1/Gallery.html#15


And yes it would be nice if smeggy could tell us wich woods would be available.

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Yeah I think I'm in as long as I agree with the choices or disagree by less than $100. The black Audeze pads would go well with ebony, but I also like all reddish woods. Woodwise, I'd care more about the way the wood goes with the pads. I don't want something too contrasting.

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I changed my mind.


I want purple heart





c'mon guys, variations of brown are boring, let's get something naturally black, naturally white, or purple heart :)

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While ebony is nice, it's extremely difficult to get in headphone sizes and gets extraordinarily expensive as the size goes up. It's also prone to cracks which is why I only use small pieces. Redheart is more plentiful but nearly all the pieces I've bought have been damp inside and it takes a while to dry. I have a block drying now for a set I'm making.

The woods will need to be something I can get in sufficient quantity, dry and not excessively expensive. Many of the exotics are only available in small quantities and not all samples are acceptable for phones so it can be difficult finding the right woods. I can get a good amounts of various rosewoods. Cocobolo, east Indian, Brazilian etc. as these are sold in boards and blocks of good size.
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Hi Smeggy, what about purple heart, birch, and african blackwood?



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Purple is too controversial for a mass buy. Any of the rosewoods would be good candidates. Birch and African blackwood also might work.

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Purpleheart is an option, though that too will turn brown with time through oxidation. Birch is also an option, African blackwood is another of the expensive and harder to get ones.
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I guess Maple (the darkest you could find) would be easy too?

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Yeah, I have loads of maple. Most seem to prefer the darker woods.
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Ugh, why do I keep coming back to this forum rolleyes.gif


I'm in as long as I keep some money in the bank lol (and what wood is chosen.)

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Gary, whats the scoop on amboyna burl?  I think I emailed you a couple months ago about it, now i have to go looking through my abysmally cluttered history...

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"Color Change: After the initial cutting of the wood, Amaranth darkens from brown to its more renowned vibrant purple. Additional exposure to UV will turn it back to brown with heavy purple undertones."

source: http://www.floormall.com/janka-rating-wood-species/purpleheart-species-janka-rating.php



Edit: Found this post about purple heart too... http://www.head-fi.org/t/501773/thunderpants/315#post_6851664


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I can't afford this even at this price (despite really wanting a pair) so my opinion is really useless here... but why does everything have to be black/dark wood? I mean we have the black HE-4/6/500/300, the blackish D7000, the dark LCD2, the dark HE-5, the black T50RP, the dark RS1/2, etc. (there's a LOT more I could list)

Honestly, this is one of, if not the best looking pairs on his site in my opinion.
Why not have more light colors out there?
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Very interestedsmily_headphones1.gif


Few questions:


1. How would this compare to stock D7000

2. Is a Mx1 enough to drive this thing?

3. I live in New Zealand. Would there be an extra cost?

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I might be interested depending on the final materials chosen.  How about rosewood like the examples featured here (scroll down to the guitars), or red cherry wood?  I particularly like the engaging/patterns patterns and rich color of the rosewood. . . 

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