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Monster Turbines

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I'm interested in the Monster turbines, i found them for around 80$ and thought it was a good deal.


Anyone know how they compare to the Klipsch S4 and the Nuforce 700x in terms of sound stage, isolation, bass and clarity?


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The Turbines are better than the S4 for sure.  Slightly better than the NuForce.  Good deal at $80, assuming it's from an authorized dealer.  Check the Monster Outlet, sometimes they have them for $50 refurbished.

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I'm worried about the quality, are there any risks of them breaking more easily if i buy refurb? Also I'm buying from B&H and they're authorized. 


How long is the warranty for refurb?

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A year warranty from authorized dealer on new turbines vs. 30 days for the it all it worth the extra 30 bucks for a brand new pair w/ a year warranty?  I'd say yes personally...even though refurbs aren't known to break easier than new.  It would just be a piece of mind thing for me.

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The Monsters destroy the Nuforce and S4's pretty easily. I would vote them the best starter IEM for guys just getting into the game, but I would move up to the Golds and Coppers pretty soon after.

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Would getting a small amp (Fiio E6) benefit the soundstage and bass?

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Not really.

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Is it useless then?

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I have a set of turbines and I used them with a walkman (with LOD) and a headroom bithead. I notice a slight improvement, probably not worth the cost of the amp though.

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