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Sennheiser PXC 450 - Defective, or As Designed?

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I just got my PXC 450s in the mail today, and found something that doesn't match up with the instruction manual.


The manual states:


To switch off NoiseGard 2.0:

Press the ON/OFF button approx. 1 second. 
The LED goes out. If NoiseGard is switched off,
you can use the PXC 450 like typical headphones to
listen to music.
When the light goes out, however, I'm unable to listen to music at all. No sound comes through. If I switch the knob into "bypass" mode, then they do function as normal headphones, but there is no way to have NoiseGuard off in "normal" mode.
Are my headphones defective, or is this merely a documentation error?

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bump... anybody? I know we have a few 450 owners here. Sennheiser is notoriously bad at responding to emails and Amazon was unable to confirm whether or not these are broken. Would really appreciate any guidance on whether mine are defective and should be returned. Thanks in advance.

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As designed, you have to use the bypass switch to bypass the noise gard circuits whether there off or on , most other noise cancaling headphones don't even let you bypass the noise reduction circuits so when your battery runs out you have no music at all.

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Thanks, great to have confirmation. Just curious - any idea why they have the on/off switch for Noisegard in that case? Why not just have the "normal/bypass" switch and have it on when in "normal" mode.


At any rate, good to know it's a documentation issue and that mine aren't defective.

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I think the answer to your question is that it may just simply be a battery conservation issue.


On the PXC450 when you have it on 'bypass' it possibly bypasses the noise cancellation circuitry (and the batteries), thus conserving them.  It might be quite interesting to see if the battery runs flat quicker while the NoiseGuard is off in 'normal' mode - or whether it runs out quicker than the 'bypass' mode with NoiseGuard off.


Hope this helps

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Yeah, would be interesting, thanks.


Last question - when I press the "talk through" button and the room is quiet, the microphone amplification noise is louder in the left ear than in the right. Not by much, but definitely noticeable. Is that true with yours as well or are they perfectly balanced?

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I've had a check, and I think mine is balanced.

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Thank you, appreciate your checking.

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Mine are a little louder in the left with the "talk through" button amplifying the mic. I can only notice the balance issue in a relatively quiet room. I'm not sure, but it appears to be amplifying hums and fuzz more in the left, whereas if there is music on (headphones not plugged in), the balance appears level.

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