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Finding headphones for my brother.

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So my brother - without having any idea what he was getting into - approached me about getting some headphones. Now, normally I'm the one trying to get other people to put down their mainstream, sub-par audio equipment, so naturally I jumped at this chance. Before anyone gets the wrong idea, I've done a bunch of research myself, but I've been MIA from the headphone world for quite awhile, so basically I want to consult the experts before pulling the trigger. 


Here are the details:


  • He listens to a wide variety of music, but particularly wants classic rock to be the focus.
  • Need to be circumaural.
  • They need to be really comfortable for extended listening periods.
  • His listening style is more laid back, as he normally listens to music while doing other things.
  • Source: MP3's (not sure what bitrate) from onboard audio from his PC.
  • These will only be used at home, so isolation is not important.
  • Budget of $400 (so call it ~$500).


I was thinking the DT880 600ohm with the darkvoice 336i/SE might work nicely. That doesn't leave much money left for a DAC, but I've been reading good things about the fiio D3, so I figure that's a cheap alternative for him to start with.  What are everyone's opinions? Feel free to diverge from any of the components I listed, because at the very least it will give me an excuse to read up on other headphones smily_headphones1.gif.






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Hmmm, with those requirements I'd opt for an Audio Technica W1000X.


Beautiful on acoustic and light rock, they don't need much to drive and

their signature is very sweet and laid back. Only a bad recording will incite

a strident high out of them every now and then. Fit and finish is

almost flagship quality. Most comfortable cans ever to stradle my

cranium. Strongly recommended.






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While reading your post, I immediately started thinking of the DT880. I would pair it with something like the Matrix Cube DAC or Maverick TubeMagic D1. Both are combo units and would be excellent for a nice starting setup with a lot of room to grow.


Very best,

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