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uprgrade/change - Westone 3 vs shure se425 vs ortofon e-q5 vs other options

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Hi guys,


Back on the scene again with a craving for something new, currently im using a fuze with digizoid zo and switching between the Audeo PFE and hje900. Looking to offload both of them and switch to something else (may keep one but by selling i free up some funds).  I like both of my current iem for different reasons as they are both very good but have to say i tend towards the PFE.



So was wondering what should i change to, going blind reading threads and trying to make comparisons.  So would appreciated others thoughts.


prices come into it i can get them at the following:


Westone w3-  £260

Shure se425 - £200

ortofon e-q5 - £190


Any other options im missing i would appreciate suggestions.


Thanks in advance guys.


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If you go toward the PFE, I would check out the Westone 4. They sound fairly similar in my opinion, although the W4 is definitely a lot better. The W3 is less balanced than the PFE and W4 in my experience, with the mids a bit lower in the mix. If you want to try a new sound though, you can check them out. They are really fun earphones. Don't have any insight into the others.

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What are you looking for, could you specify some details about your preferences?

Ortofons, Westone, shures are all not so related to each other

Difficult to recommend as is...


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Sorry forgot to mention the westone 4 are out of budget right now.  Im looking around £250 maxed out.  W4 are comin in £320.

Maybe i should stick with the PFE lol i know there good enough to compete right at the top end of univerals but just getting that bi yearly head-fi itch again.  Thanks for the response.

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Yello, im kind of varied in that the pfe and the hje900 are on almost completly different planets as far as the sound, i like the open and vibrant sound of the hje but at the same time i really like the detail and clinical sound of the PFE.  If pushed i guess i prefer the more clinical sound and enjoy listening for separation in my music with the pfe's. 


Music wise i listen to a lot of genres, with indie bands being the only type i really dislike, on any given day i will switch between (based on today)  Tom Morello nightwatchmen, SIA, Adele, Andrea Bocceli, Tiesto and Some Industrial Electro.


One thing i would say as i have the digizoid Zo in my arsenal i would probably be best served by a more clinical sounding neutral iem and i can use the zo to increase bass when necessary. 


Im really liking the look (i know worst part of the decision) and fit of the shure but also reading about triple fi 10 which may be an option.

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I am thinking you can find the W4 for well under £320. I got them for $368 USD (before tax/shipping, thx Florida), which is roughly £235 not counting taxes. I'm not sure if it's available at your location, though.

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haha yeh, unfortunatley in the uk we pay a 'mystery being british tax' everything is about 20% more expensive than the states and the british rate of tax is currently 20%.  Absolute cheapese i can find the W4 from a reliable seller is £320 which is far to steep for me.

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Westone 3 available for £245 from Iheadphones.co.uk 


Great service from them in the past and have the full westone guarantee.

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You should look into the EX600. They're an excellent IEM.

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sorry cant stand the sony's used to have the radius and the fit is just horrible, i tried the sonys at a local store  and it was much the same result.

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ok im throwing in another budget breaker and a 'great deal'


the Earsonics SM3 about £225

the Monster Turbine Miles Davis - can get these at £184 which makes it intriuging

and westone 3 - £245 (thanks to davidcotton for pointing this out) also availabe 225 open box.

Kozee infinity x1 executive (custom)


This is the new list of what im considering with the absolute max budget being the westone 3


i would appreciate any thoughts on where to go i know there all different but which would you go for and why?


damm this freaking expensive hobby

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I'd avoid the kozee, not because it's a bad product, but because of the reported issues with customer communication.  Given that your in the uk I wouldn't risk it.  If you want a budget custom then take a look at the minerva mi1.  Minerva are based in the uk so should make refits a lot easier.


Take a step back a moment and just ask 'why' am I looking to get another iem?  From what you've said you seem fairly happy with the pfe headphones.  If it's a case of just wanting a new listening experience then it pretty much comes down to flipping a coin and going with gut instinct.  If theres another reason such as fit issues, not liking the sound then identify that and take steps in that direction.   With regards to customs, it's a slightly different ball game.  Got to go to an audiologists for impressions, then send them off to be made, then try them out, then possibly send back for a refit.  Not trying to put you off customs but just making sure you understand the potential hassle.



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