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I would also like to clear up what was a mistake on my part. The warranty for a remanufactured Sennheiser product seems to be 90 days only. So far my set has no issues at all and I will hope it continues to be that way. But as mentioned, the refurbished Sennheisers are supposed to be done by Sennheiser to factory specs.

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Well, I have to say this might be a big coincidence, but a few days after my purchase my credit card information was also compromised and some fraudulent charges went on the account. Now in all fairness, this does not mean that Dakmart is the source for sure. I had also recently made a few small purchases from CD Universe and a used CD store through Amazon. There are also many places and steps along the way that expose your credit card information. I used PayPal with Dakmart so unless I'm mistaken, they don't actually get your credit card information. Let's face it, once you put your credit card information out there, it is ripe for being compromised. PayPal itself may get hacked and they won't tell people, or perhaps not even know. I read that post in the above link and based on what the guy is saying there is no way he can be sure when or where his card got compromised. Perhaps like me he had used his card online before (likely) and his number was out there for the picking. If we shop online, we risk fraud, simple as that.


Well then this might be a bigger coincidence. I'd bought from Dakmart before and been pleased with the product and service, but about three years ago now, I purchased some phones from them, had some issues with the product not shipping, called, was asked to resubmit my credit card details over the phone and then a few days later noticed a couple of small test fraud transactions on the card, suddenly followed by some huge charges as the limits were tested.


Fortunately I managed to get my bank to sort it out before it put us out of business - which at that time it could easily have done - real people losing real jobs.


I can't say for certain that it was someone at Dakmart using my card info, but I was suspicious at the time and seeing this thread reinforces that suspicion. In any event the bank dealt with it.


On the other hand the headphones finally arrived and were fine.


I'd buy again from them but only with a single use temporary credit card number - I can't say it wasn't just a rogue employee.

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I found an Amperior at that site and the price is $189. The price is soooo nice, but then the webpage look kinda scary. 

So how was your experience? Is it worth trying to buy it?

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