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I'm not sure the artist lineup suites your taste but the Cheskey label produces excellent recordings. Also look at yesasia.com, they offer some excellent 192k/24 bit recordings.  

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I can't add much to Asr and LFF's posts, but I've found it best to research each title individually.

Be careful with the various gold and OOP discs. Some get a collector's vibe and prices skyrocket, where you can get great sound for less by buying something cheaper. I'm more interested in havin a good recording than collecting rare discs.
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i have the found the recordings put out by chesky and mapleshade to be of uniformly excellent sound quality. the mapleshade recordings are very reasonably priced too.

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That Cream album on DCC is amazing.


Layla is something special. I believe the MFSL is a flat transfer of the master tape with full dynamics left intact. I think that makes it a worthwhile acquisition. That said, the master tape does NOT sound good. I remastered it for myself and it was one hell of an album to get right. Each song sounds so different and needs different things to get all of them to play nice. That said, I would put my version of Layla up against any other release.

Having just downloaded the 24/96 version of Layla (HDTracks), it really puts the others to shame. I have several versions including a somewhat odd (different), but sonically good remaster (20th anni?).

I'd love to hear your remaster... any chance?  wink_face.gif


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Originally Posted by LFF View Post

ASR's answer is rather complete.


The reason people pay so much is mostly because of their scarce availability and because some people believe certain titles to be the best sounding versions out there. Some are worth the money...others are not. I know because I have a nearly complete collection from all the companies.


DCC and Audio Fidelity are better IMHO than MFSL. The notes by Asr about Steve Hoffman are a little inaccurate but keep in mind that not all Audio Fidelity CD's are mastered by Steve Hoffman. MFSL is more hit and miss than spot on on their releases either due to bad mastering or bad sources.


A better way to shop IMHO is too look at the mastering/production credits. If you see any of the following names, chances are it will be a good sounding CD/LP:


Steve Hoffman

Roy DuNann

Alan Yoshida

Kevin Gray

Joe Tarrantino

George Horn

Barry Diament

George Massenburg

Ron Furmanek

Larry Walsh

Bob Katz

Bob Ludwig

Bernie Grundman

Doug Sax


My thing is to listen to the highest audio quality music video files while exercising on my exercise machine with my headphones on.

Is there any strategy to find music videos with remaster or extra high quality audio? I am just beginning to enjoy my audiophile headphone set up and finding the music track file quality enormously important when watching music videos. So is there any strategy to find the best audio quality music videos for a person like me.

I like classic American songbook videos best followed by jazz music and classical music.

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