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IC: All my hifi stuff

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While in the process of moving (which is *very* expensive in itself), my engine broke and I had to buy a new one. So on the advice of my now-empty checking account, I'm going to put up for sale all of my music stuff. Currently I have to use dialup and for some reason I can't ftp-up images to my website -- however Monday between 8 and 4 cable internet should be installed.

In all, I'll be giving up
  • An SCD-1
  • Headroom Max
  • Stealth PGS interconnects
  • HD600's with the equinox cable

So if you've been in the market for any of those, they'll be available real soon. I hope to start a new thread by Monday that includes pictures, descriptions, and prices (which I haven't decided on yet). In the meantime I can be reached here, or at funkatron@earthlink.net.

This thread is continued at http://www4.head-fi.org/forums/showt...threadid=58759
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You got an e-mail out to you.
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I eamiled you, you can email back at mbratrud@mchsi.com
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i got an email to you 2 , sorry to har about your engine man... damn...


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I emailed you about the equinox.
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I emailed you about the equinox. Sucks about your engine, sorry
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