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Any Hi-Fi store in metro-Detroit ???????

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Hello there,


I just moved into dearborn MI, weeks ago, and I'm searching for hi-fi stores. Well, I googled a lot, but there just little information reasonable. The only one that I think is good is called Almas stereo.


So, I'm wondering whether here are some audiophiles in these area, can reccomend some stores?



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Isn't Detroit like the capitol of music in the U.S.?

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Really? I only know that Emiem is form Detroit...

But I feel Detroit is more than the capital of vehicles

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capitol of vehicles and rappers?


I know there's several music genres with "detroit" in them... like "detroit techno" and so on... so it feels like to me it's a special music place.



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So did you find a Hi-Fi store there?



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I know their was one in Oxford, but close after 6 months after doing slow business. What are you looking for? Maybe i could hook you up!

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I live in the area also and despite my looking I failed to find one that fit the description of any audio store.
But, I know jude has an office in Livonia that they had a meet at a few months ago and if you just want to audition things then you could pm him and see when the next meet is planned, or if one could be put into motion.
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I don't mean to sound naive, I'm not american..... but doesn't Detroit have a huge automotive industry, or just huge industry in general, and huge underground music culture?

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Well automotive industry yes, and I guess I agree with the music industry. But instead of having nice audio shops, they instead seem to have a ton of car audio stores. Also it doesn't help that detroit isn't the wealthiest area so a lot of people probably could afford high end audio equipment.
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I did find one online called " audio dimensions" in royal oak off of Woodward. It seems pretty small because it said they had 1 employee but the website also said they carry brands like grado. So that might be the best bet on this side of the border. If your willing to go to Canada, they might have someplace.
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Audio Dimensions is a great little store.  The owner is very knowledgeable and will let you sit and demo equipment all day long.  


Gramophone is another store on Woodward (very near Audio Dimensions).  They carry a few Sennheiser headphones.


You can also try Overture Audio in Ann Arbor.

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Do you know what sennheiser products they carry? Ive wanted to audition some hd25s around here
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Holy Thread batman, i was looking thinking about asking this same question and then i saw this thread posted today

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Sorry about disappear for weeks, I didn't find any yet.... It makes my heart cold....

kiteki, are you Japanese? If so, I think you must know much about Denon products


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I am not Japanese sorry, but I do like Denon, Sony, Audio-Technica and Fostex.  The Japanese make good portable audio.


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