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Sennheiser IE8 or Vsonic Gr07?

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Hello. Im listening to pop, rap, hip-hop and rnb music and i would to know which one would be best for me? And which one can give more low bass?


Im using brainwavz m2 + iphone 4 now and i dont like much the m2. I like to listen to the vocal and on m2 i got just harsh sound instead of clean voices.


Help me to find the perfect sound.

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I think coming straight out of the iPhone 4 the IE8 will get you more bass quantity when it comes to hip hop and rap.  I listen to a lot of rap and I have to EQ down my J3 a bit to get the true low end of the GR07 to shine and it's tough to do that on the iphone 4 unless you're using one of the EQ programs.  The issue is that the IE8s are almost twice as much as the GR07s, so that's something to consider.  They probably fit your requirements though...as long as you can afford the difference.  I personally prefer the GR07s because of my Cowon J3 but I know there are a few people who only use iPhones as well and they love them too.  I just think you'll be happier with the IE8s given your circumstances.

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I've had both and prefer the IE8 for those genres of music. You can get it @ JR for $255 if you call and negotiate.

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dbdynsty25. is it true the IE8 cant give low bass? just midbass.


-yo-. what is JR?

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I don't have the IE8 so I can only go off of what I've heard around these parts.  JR is jr.com, an authorized dealer.

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IE8 have quite a bit of midbass to them which doesn't allow low bass to shine as much. I too listen to a lot of hiphop and I have been using my IE8s for almost a year now and never looked back, granted I upgraded the cable. 

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If you really like low bass, why not go for the Atrio MG7? I've had that as well and it has better bass then the IE8 overall. I just didn't like the fit or form factor.

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How about the Miles Davis Tribute? The Atrio is like a budget version of the MD but I too couldn't get on with the fit.

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So which one will be better the Miles Davis Tribute or Sennheiser IE8? I need vocals, low bass and soundstage. 

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I'd say there's not much out there that can beat the IE8 on both bass+soundstage.

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I liked the MD's bass more than the IE8's and it renders vocals much better. The MD's bass has less midbass (though still big) and more subbass, though it's probably a slower bass. Soundstage is better on the IE8 though. 

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I just checked JR and they dont want to ship the IE8 inernational ( I need to ship them to Norway ). 


It there other place to buy them? I mean for cheapest price? 

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Instead of expensive ie8 I recommed  Radius Dual Drivers HP-TWF21

this are Japanese brand and are among my favorites and price is also 200USD. Cant get any better then that.

Radius  are now priced cheaper for about 100$ as they are on sale at MA

Plenty of reviews on line Highly recommended

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Having owned the IE8 and the GR07 I much prefer the sound of the GR07. The IE8's mid-bass hump interferes with the sub-bass and midrange to much for my liking. Whereas the GR07 is clean with no major spikes allowing the sub-bass to be heard as well as the mids. I also think the treble of the GR07 much better than the IE8 especially for cymbals and it reproduces electric guitar very well.

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Just EQ down the midbass (as I did) and the IE8 sounds great... They really have some sub basss..

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