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FS ads sorting suggestion

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I was wondering if it was possible to sort the FS ads by the currency type such as euro, usd, etc. since there may be others like me who just buy within their our country so it may be helpeful to sort by currency.

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Proof that searching yields results! Was about to suggest the same as rawrster, Sort by should contain currency and or region. Please consider.

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I was just thinking about this as well, I'm ok with just sorting on currency but I believe it would be better if there was a way to add region to the ad as some prefer using USD/EUR even if not in those countries.


Currently I basically scour the ads for Euro posts, as the shipping basically kills all other deals...

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This can't be hard to implement. Admin's response appreciated.

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Location-based sorting would be good, I agree, especially for people in Europe who would prefer to buy inside the union to avoid paying tax . Just to fill you in on how the site is run: All the back-end is managed by Huddler, who implement things across now I think it's about 3 dozen web sites. Those sites all have people who make suggestions and wish things to be a certain way, so I gather there is quite a list of those! But they are steadily making a lot of improvement so it is something that may happen eventually, as something added to the sorting drop-down menu.

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Thanks for that Curra. Is Huddler actively monitoring these suggestions or how does it work for something to be added or changed?

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