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Recommend me a music documentary!

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As in title. Lately I've been getting into documentaries about music and I'm looking for more and more titles. While I'm mostly interested in ones about Rock and Metal, I'm not really limiting myself to them. Any genre (or band if they're band-specific) will do, as well as ones about music in general.



So far I've seen:

-Metal: A Headbanger's Journey

-Before The Music Dies

-Punk :Attitude

-Punk's Not Dead

-American Hardcore


-Until The Light Takes Us

-Nocturno Culto's The Misanthrope

-Some Kind Of Monster

-Get Thrashed


I'm have yet to watch:

-World Metal




So? Any other good ones?

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Not Metal but my favourite by far ******NSFW******


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The photographer Robert Frank shot a documentary about the Rolling Stones during a 1972 tour. The film was never released due to concerns about the bands image. Bootlegs of the movie have existed, and now it is on youtube (movie title and content probably not work safe) in parts


Another documentary that I really like is about a musical instrument and it's history. "Theramin: an electronic odyssey" tells the story of the invention and history of a strange electronic instrument. This is one of those truth is stranger than fiction tales. 


If those aren't your speed. How about: a movie, "lets get lost" about a Pacific coast junkie heart-throb jazz trumpeter shot by noted photographer Bruce Webber featuring cameos from Flea from the Red Hot Chilie peppers. Strangely, I typed in the name "Flea" as "Fela" in that last sentence; so here is a documentary about Fela Kuti


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the story of anvil.


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Calle 54

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Sequel to a headbangers journey. Watch global metal.

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Stop Making Sense - Jonathan Demme's movie of a Talking Heads concert, one of the best concert films ever.
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Scott Walker 30 Century Man - really cool doccie about the myth of the man. Bowie and others gush about him.

Scratch - doccie on the history of turntablism

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Meeting People is Easy.  An excellent film by Grant Gee about Radiohead touring the world during the success of OK Computer.

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