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Shure foam tips fit UE700?

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Title says it all really... I struggled for agesto find a good fit for my ears and found that the smallest size of the shure foam tips is just right so ideally I need a set of headphones that theses tips fit..
Can pick up the ue700 on sale here atm for £69 but would like to know if my shure foam ips will fit or not before I go for them... Thanks for any help.. redface.gif)
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I dont think so all UE products Ive seen have a wide opening at least 3X as thick as shures. You could get comply tips (which I find very inferior to shure olives) they come in every size here is a link to UE700 size

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Damn....looks like the UE700,s are off.the list then... It is partially down to there narrow earpiece that I think they fit me so well...

Anyone have any ideas any other headphones that the shure foamies fit?

Wish I could stripes the 535,s... Our even the 435,s... But I reckon around £100 is my limit redface.gif(
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Do you already have shures? which ones? Cant really help with picking in europe since I dont know what 100 euro will buy

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Got the old e3c shures atm.. And I think a couple of pairs of the se210 which I haven't opened yet.. But they look pretty bulky.
I just need a list of all the earphones that the shure foamies fit and I should find
Not asking much am I... Hehe
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Check that comply link i posted. Anything that fits I think T-100 works for you. They used to have a big list on there.

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Thanks... That's just what I was looking for... :-)
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