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It's been a long time since I've owned a tube amp (Singlepower soured me on the whole tube experience), so I haven't really kept up with many of the recent tube offerings.  But I'm getting the itch again, as my HD800 sounding a little harsher and brighter than I want it to sound.  (I know changing headphones is probably the best solution, but I really want to see if I can make them work).


In deciding on a tube amp, is there any disadvantage to going with an integrated amplifier?  For example, the Luxman SQ100 and the SQ38u, or the Leben CS300X look like great amps.  But am I giving something up if I choose one of those instead of, say, a Zana Deux, or WA22, or TTVJ Peak, or a Schiit Lyr?  For those that have heard the best tube amps in the $3K range with the HD800, which direction would you recommend going in?


(p.s. I will not be using the integrated with my speakers -- the Linkwitz Orions -- since I need very different amplification for those, so that eliminates one of the advantages of an integrated amp.)