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Things Change

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i've been around for awhile. It was high end to use a PCDP ( portable compact disc player) with a line out. HD600s and RS1s were kings. I had the Headroom Max, Cary, PPA, MG Head, Melos, MPX , Audiovalve RKV and Steath. What awesome sound!
Now I have a Bithead with USB DAC. I stream my music from a Mac via WIFI. I watch my movies through Apple TV stream from" my Mac and listen to music too. It really is amazing what we can do.
I still use HD600s and Grado SR60s. Some things don't
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LOL!  Yes, I easily can remember the Sony and Panasonic PCDPs I went through.  Like you, still have my Grado phones.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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