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Again, sorry for the derailment.

I think these are great at that price as they are unique and fun. Well done.

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To the headphone stand maker, is the artist featured on the vinyl cover randomized, or do you have a list of artists currently available? :)



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Mikeyax, sorry if that sounded condescending or something bad like that, it's just every set of cans in the picture was circumaural and I was curious how that screw fared on foam. And now that I look closer, it doesn't look like a hex head (not sure why I thought it did before though) so it doesn't seem like it would hurt much if any.

And now that I know it's wood, it doesn't seem rough at all, it's just wood grain. I thought it was metal at first which led me to believe it was really rough. Any option to do another finish, or even bare wood on that part? I actually think it would look better as a contrasting piece in there. Again, not trying to criticize anything detrimentally here, just commenting on the build.
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To Kiteki, the choice is random for the most part or I can send a PM with a list of what I have currently. You also may send your own vinyl to me and I can make a custom stand.


To SML, No need to apologize. I just wanted to clarify, as there seemed to be questions surrounding the stands. I can use any color stain you like (per customer request). Also, you can certainly choose not to have stain at all.


Thanks for the comments guys and gals.



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thread revive :)

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A few more pics of the stand, currently using it to hold the new V-Moda M80s.







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Thanks John.:)

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blink.gif No Capito.


Originally Posted by kiteki View Post


Recycling vinyl, very nice... it's like fur coats.


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I think we should stay away from the fur coat references from now on. Please?

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I have some nice cherry red vinyls that would look great turned in to a stand, sadly(not really) they are in perfect condition ughh maybe ill find two in this 30 year old collection that are in bad enough condition for it.
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send me a pm, John in Cali. Thanks, Mike.

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John in Cali (what a coincidence - I'm a John and I live in Cali too!) If you do end up getting a colored stand, please post pics when you get a chance. I'd love to see it.

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Are you sure you don't have two accounts? How can I be sure you are not me?
Anyways I guess my PM to him didn't send, I'mm sad because I typed alot but basically I'm a poor high school student who also has a record player(so I can actually listen to my records), a amplifier, and a keyboard/piano to buy and I just dropped 200 on the Shure 940. So it's going to be a while before I could get a stand.
Also I was thinking couldn't the record be cut like a pizza and tri-folded into wall hooks? First fold for nail to wall,second for the headphones, third for a little lip to keep the headphones from slipping. Maybe a second peice of vinyl underneath for reinforcement. It would probably be a lot cheaper considering its using ~1/6th of a vinyl compared to two of them.
Do mind I am a high school student with little to no real life experience so I am probably underthinking something.
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Thread Re:Vive :)

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I just got a pair of Audio Technica W1000X and they fit very nicely on the stand. I'll post a pic when I get a moment. 

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