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Budget IEM Recommendation?

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Hey all, my girlfriend has recently asked me to help her pick a new pair of headphones for use with her iPod nano. In the past, she has had nothing but the stock Apple Earbuds, which obviously leave much to be desired. She's finally let me convince her to use something better. 

I forgot to include music preferences: Quite a lot of R&B, such as Ne-Yo, Drake etc (Stuff that's popular with TV channels at the moment lol) So a decent amount of bass extension would be ideal

List of requirements:

Easy to drive (No LOD and/or amplifier will be involved)
Comfortable - She wants something similar to the fit of Sennheiser CX300's. (Proper in ears, for example anything Etymotic is out of the question)
Must be white (To match with the iPod, her preference not mine)
Average cable length - Similar to the Apple Earbuds

My budget is £100 UK. Would prefer a UK seller.

Any thoughts? I was going to get her a pair of Sennheiser CX300 II's, but haven't heard many good things.

I was going to give her a pair of Etymotic ER6is that I no longer use, but they're too invasive - she regularly listens to her iPod while lying down, so they can't stick out too far either!

Basically looking for the best pair of IEM's that I can get, that also fit those specific requirements.

Many, many thanks in advance everyone :)

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Many of the better earphones would stick out a bit! Have you tried the Ultimate Ears Superfi 5? They are good entry level earphones.

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Maybe something like this?  They're well under your budget and they have a nice white colour.  You should look up reviews, people rank these pretty high.

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MEElec CC51 maybe? M6 in clear?


Denon C751 would be good but not any good or laying down and tho cables stupid long or short

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