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Ahh patron silver my favorite cause its delicious and no hangovers and here in vegas triple shots for $2 or free for me biggrin.gif... Oh ya this is a HP forum, yea silver cables rule I hear huge differences running my nonexistent re-cabled pure silver ibuds rabble rabble.

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ibuds, sliver cables is the only way to go. It even beats my non-existent JH16 wink.gif

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One day someone will invent cables that contain molten silver with quantum-directional electron flow.

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I already did, my flux capacitor is full of them.

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One day someone will invent cables that contain molten silver with quantum-directional electron flow.


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My friend invited me over and we drank a little Johnny Walker Double Black. I did the unthinkable and mixed it with Diet Coke. I know your supposed to sip it straight but that's how I am. Last week we tried a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label. I have to say I really only drink about two drinks at a time. I also think it is much better to drink around friends and talk than to listen to music. I met a guy from New York last night and we talked about music. He was a few years older but it was fun going over new and old bands. Our host was from Kuwait and he had a different taste of music and really didn't know what we were talking about. That's the fun of drinking. People loosen up and talk about stuff that they would not normally talk about. 


The perception of music is very close to the emotion of the heart so I guess that a little drink or two gets you closer to the area where you can understand music. I was once invited to a house where my friend had a world class stereo. He had spent years getting the room and the tubes all dialed in. The final tweek was a small drink in my hands. So even people who have spent years getting there rigs to this amazing point understand what little sip will do. A writer named Huxley wrote a book called The Doors Of Perception which deals with modified perception. There are really many ways to get an increase in music enjoyment even with out booze. I have always felt good health was the best at making music sound it's best. If your in a good mood you enjoy music more, even though you really need music more sometimes when in a bad mood. 


So many an audiophile saving for his next DAC while just eating Cup-O-Noodles three times a day is really working the program in reverse. Better heath due to a correct diet is by far the best way to hear SQ with limited equipment. The same has been found true about both work and sport performance being dependent on diet for optimum results.


I really think coffee is a great add to any listen. The crazy part is that it seems that both drinking coffee and alcohol affect the hearing and music impact, but from different angles. The key with drinking alcohol is moderation and pace. There really is no enjoyment to getting bombed by drinking 7 drinks in 12 minutes. If your into rock then you know how bad a loud record goes with a hangover. I feel Golf on TV was the ultimate hangover sport to view. The pace is slow and the voices are all toned down. You can go to sleep and wake with-out really missing anything.

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So you're all saying beer goggles improve sound?  What happens if you're myopic?  You get more inner detail?

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So you're all saying beer goggles improve sound?  What happens if you're myopic?  You get more inner detail?

*Beer hearing aids, corrected. It does not improve sound just makes your ears more forgiving to sound like how beer goggles can make a 100 year old hag appear to be that 20 year old supermodel.

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I find that my air guitar skills are increased while drinking, too. Oddly, innocent bystanders don't agree.

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Substances increase the enjoyment and perception of sound, I've found I only really enjoy Bob Marley when I'm incredibly inebriated from a substance. 

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While under the influence of certain substances I've found that Top ramen never tasted so good.
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Alcohol is a depressant which should relax you, but it also raises your blood pressure. A few studies have found a probable correlation between high systolic blood pressure and hearing loss in the low and mid frequencies that you hear. It could be that it is rolling off those frequencies and giving you a more relaxed sound to go with the other effects of the alcohol. If you already have high blood pressure, it can cause ringing and pulsating in your ears which surely is not as nice. I would like to see a study of high volumes at concerts and amount of alcohol sold, but I'm not sure a correlation could be thought of as causative when I think about what music might be being pumped out. :)

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I though this was common knowledge, doesn't the head.fi crowd party ?

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Cool as long as its not BYOB and there isnt only evil light beers

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