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Hello Head-Fi community. Long time lurker and audiophile here.

Im a large person (not fat). Im 6'7 I have a hard time finding headphones for my large head and ears

Ive been through multiple headphones XB700, HD595, DT770/80, AKG701.

They have all been very good sound headphones but after 1-3 hours of use, they either hurt the top of my head or bend my ears slightly back or forward and cause discomfort.

For instance the AKG701 had enough room in the ear cups but the head band cause so much pain I returned them the next day. The HD595 and DT770 bent my the tip of my ears back or forward, which wasn't any real problem until after 2 hours of wearing them.


I just recently got to test on the Sennhieser PC360.

These things were amazing to wear. I wore them for about 6 hours straight playing call of duty. ABSOLUTELY no pain or discomfort at all.

I'm considering buying these right this second.. but I am also looking for something for music. If I could find a headphone as comfortable as the PC360 for music Im

going to sell my all old headphones.


I used to own the HD595 but sold them a long time ago. I am not sure if the new HD558, which are supposed to be an improvement over the 555/595 has the same comfort.

It must be a combination of the thickness of the PC360's padding and frame which makes it comfortable as it is and was hoping the 558 would be the same.

I prefer closed cans but I'll take anything if it is comfortable. If anyone owns the PC360's do you have another headphone that has the same amount of space in the cans?


I listen to all sorts of music. Classical, Orchestra, Rock, Metal, Electronic, but Rap the least.

I am shooting for something that works with classical/orchestrated cause I usually listen while studying. Though I'll still listen to Drum and Bass, Dubstep etc. Nothing eq cant fix. Doesn't need extremely strong bass.


Are the new HD558 like the PC360?

Thank you for your time.


(meant to post this in the advice thread but accidentally posted a new thread how do I delete this, dont usually post on forums)

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