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Need help picking a set.

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Hello, my names Nick. This is my first time to this forum. I need some advice and I've been redirected to this forum. A little background, I sold Car Audio and Home Audio for a living for years, so I'm more than familiar with terms and specs.

A few things you might need to know beforehand.

1. I listen to Metal, Hip-Hop, and Dubstep most often. I occasionally listen to Jazz, Alternative Rock, and Electronica.
2. The headphones I need help finding will only be used to listen to music while gaming, but I'm not playing FPS games, so the soundstage/positional audio isn't a top priority.
3. All my music is in FLAC format ripped straight from CD's or Vinyl.
4. I have a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD sound card, but I may be getting an external DAC/Amp in the near future.

I have a set of Sennheiser HD428's that I want to replace, the following have been recommend to me by friends/people on forums. They are arranged by price, from lowest to highest.

1. "Monoprice MEP-839" / "Kicker HP541" for $24.67 shipped.
2. "Superlux HD-681F" for $45 shipped.
3. "Superlux HD-668B" for $50 shipped.
4. "Superlux HD-669" for $55 shipped.
5. "Sennheiser HD555" for $60 shipped.

I am leaning towards the HD-668B's because they were recommended the most, but I've heard good things about the HD555's from Sennheiser, what should I do?
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Id probably get the 555's if your listening to Jazz, Rock, Electronica or if your using them to game. Also you could get recabled which would probably make them more friendly towards Metal.

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I've listened to the 555's and imo they are pretty boring sounding...

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Originally Posted by pwnRhasta View Post

I've listened to the 555's and imo they are pretty boring sounding...

Well i find them not as good as my Denon's, but definitely better than some Audio Technica's i listened to.


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For me, i would skip superlux 668b, and get superlux 660, it's better and more comfortable than 668b, especially if you wear glasses. For my own experience 668b is very uncomfortable. The 555 is good for jazz, airy and very comfortable. You may want to consider the ath M50

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