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ATH dealer in NYC?

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As I'm visiting NYC soon and thought I'd get some shopping done, I was wondering if any of you know of a well stocked ATH dealer? I'd like to avoid buying online, unless it's gonna save me a bunch.


Quite keen on the ESW9 and maybe even the ES7 for some portability :)


Cheers in advance

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I've visited B&H around 34th street and 9th avenue a few times and they have a wide selection of pro audio gear.


Click me.

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The AudioCubes stores in NYC (there are 2 stores) should have some Audio-Technica headphones. J&R also carries a few at their Park Row location.


The ES7 is discontinued though, if you weren't aware.

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Thanks for the tips, will definitely check out those places when I get there.


What? I had no idea it was discontinued. Did they "replace" it with a similar updated model? 

Read a few reviews on the model and fell in love with the extreme sense of portability and minimalism. Ugh. 

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Adorama is an authorized AT distributor which is based in NYC. They are in the flatiron district. I may actually be picking up a pair of ESW9As from there myself later on in the week.

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