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Need an AMP for Denon ah-d5000? Considering Schiit, and need an advice!

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Hey crowd,


in need of some advice.


I bought the Denon ah-d5000 few months ago, together with a combo of Pro-ject USB-BOX dac and a Pro-ject Head Box II amp. That's what I'm using right now.


I auditioned a couple of other AMP's when purchasing the whole rig (took me almost 3 full days), but ultimately opted for the Pro-ject. And yes I bought it knowing, that it's going to be the first thing to improve.


So the time has came! I have read dozens of threads and have a slight understanding of what is what, but to be honest with you - the more I read, the more complicated the picture got. 




Basically, I have almost decided to go with Schiit. I am sure that a big portion of enjoying the music, when it comes to Hi-Fi, ultimately comes from the BIAS you have about your equipment. If you think that your XYZ amplifier sounds better than something else, it will.


Other reason is because at his moment I reside in Denmark and it's impossible to get your hands on Hi-Fi stuff without dedicating too much money for shipping and /or import taxes and/or local sellers sale's margin. Not to mention that there's almost nothing to choose from... I have a friend who can bring me Schiit from where the pricing is somewhat O.K., and the shipping would cost me next to nothing.


Back to the topic.. the biggest flaw with my current setup is slightly overemphasized treble. The Denons themselves are quite bright, and the Pro-Ject amp is not exactly shy on the treble as well. I must also add that in general I am a bit sensitive to sharp treble too. Sometimes I find myself switching to another song just because I cant stand the treble..


I am also a Bass-head. I sometimes find myself switching to another song where I can find some deep and powefull bass :) 

Now - can you guys help me decide which Schiit would suit me and my headphones best? Here's what I am thinking about each of Schiit's amp's:


Asgard - probably a very good choice, considering that Denons are 25ohms and from reading around, seems like the general rule of thumb is to go with Asgard for low impendance cans.

Pro's: the only Shiit which matches the low impendance of Denons.

Con's: other Schiit should sound better to my taste.


Valhalla - the most tempting choice for me. I have never listened to a tube amp, but from what I've read I think I'd absolutely enjoy the distorti.... err the signature of the tubes. 

Pro's: would suit my taste of music pretty well.

Con's: impendance issue? 


Lyr - not really considering it at thismoment and Jason himself wrote me that he'd pass on Lyr. According to him, I'd probably start hearing the noise floor of the amp because Denons are so efficient. On the other hand, I have found people writing that Denons actually do need a decent amplification to bring the best out of them. Go figure.. 

Pro's: ??

Con's: simply and overkill for Denons.


So.. can some of you who are familiar Denons 2k-5k-7k help me out on this? Do they sound good with tube amps, or should I stick to the SS? Also the ones who have had their hands on Schiit + low impendance cans - your impressions? Or if someone has actually tried Denon ah-d5000 + Schiit.. that kind of info for me would be priceless.


Also, the price difference of all the Schiit amp's is not relevant. I just want to pick the one which would sound the best for my taste. Also if you'd like to suggest some other amp other than Schiit, which you'd think fits my taste - please speak up!


Will be grateful for any input.

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I have made an order for ah-d5000 and the asgard amplifier, and I am going to use them with with my pc on a titanium HD sound card, I was going with the Valhalla my self but I was recommended to go with the asgard since they are the best match for low impedance headphones,

you can check online the asgard reviews and you will see that it is really good for the price their asking for comparing to other amp in the A-class classifications.


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