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Sennheiser HD800 maintenance (Help Wanted)

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I am very new on the forums, actually this is my 2nd post of all time. I apologies in advance for my English, since it is not my first language.


So well, here goes nothing - I got the HD 800's and not even a month has passed that I got something like a smudge on the membrane (?)  - shown with the red circles on the picture below.




Someone who I know told me to use soft brush and one of those compressed air cans to try and clean it, but it does not seem to work. The Canadian Sennheiser Customer Support centre only has a voice mail box, at don't seem to call you back (waited for 2 weeks so far).


The store I got it from - Bay Bloor Radio, has no idea how or what it is and how to clean it.


So I am a bit freaking out right now, it's not the cheapest pair of headphones out there.


Anyone had any experience with such things? Any comments would be more than useful, tried searching but don't seem to get any results.

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Pictures always help. Can you show us this smudging? 

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Here's some but you can't really see anything, I only have my macbook air with a camera right now, need to buy a SLR, since they crashed the mirror of my D90 in the airport =(


Photo on 11-09-17 at 9.10 AM.jpgPhoto on 11-09-17 at 9.09 AM.jpg


Im not sure if anything can be seen here, its the foil or whatever its called it has partially changed colour.

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never using the compressed air on it,or  you'll damage it

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Try a soft dust cloth for glasses, LCD-screens, etc. – should help. I believe that some special cleaning liquid may be applied, but you must determine the nature of the smudge first. HD800 manual says that “all externally visible surfaces may be cleaned”, just don’t let anything touch the driver.

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I really don't see anything. You could probably use a soft damp cloth or old clean t-shirt and gently wipe that surface, unplugged for good measure.  I don't see anything to worry about.

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