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Custom HD25-1-II's

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Hey guys,

 Just got my latest pair of headphones - the Sennheiser HD25-1-ii's. I've heard loads about these 'phones like their build quality, sound etc but lets face it normally these headphones fail a bit in the looks department. So I got 25s with a difference. I buoght mine iff the guys at customcans.com and by god are they good! The only complaint really have about them is that they are quite sore to wear due to a really tight clamp but I suppose that's the price you pay for insolation on supra-aurals :L 

 Check them out:

image.jpgCustom Gloss White Sennheiser HD-25 ii Pro DJ HeadphonesCustom Gloss White Sennheiser HD-25 ii Pro DJ Headphones

So what do you think? I'll have more info like reviews complaints etc up one I get them fully burnt in.

Best regards,


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Was thinking about painting my own but I don't trust myself.. I agree that the originals look crappy as hell :).

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I like them. Looks really good compared to the standard ones. 

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Very nice.

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Looks really good. Is it a gloss? Or is it the same matte texture that the stock cans have?

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Thanks guys smily_headphones1.gif and yup there gloss as opposed to matte
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