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WA-234 MONO: The Latest Amplifier from Woo Audio

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Dear Head-Fiers:

We are excited to introduce the WA-234 MONO, our new top-line product coming this Fall!

The WA-234 MONO

The WA-234 MONO is an all-tube triode drive mono-block amplifier with class-A topology, a singled-ended configuration, with 1 unit per channel.

Taking its heritage from the WA5 300B amplifier, the WA-234 MONO expands the use of power tubes 2A3, 300B, and 45. Without voltage bias adjustment, parts changes, or rewiring, this product allows a direct drop-in of these tubes. There are 3 circuits inside the unit, ensuring the optimum performance of each tube. By simply switching the tubes, you can discover endless sound signatures.

Two versions will be offered:
1. A headphone and pre-amp
2. A headphone and speaker amp

Breakthrough Technology

Our flagship model, the WA5, has stood the test of time for its superb performance and reliability. In creating the 234, we put a great deal of effort in developing transformers and perfecting circuit design.

The 234 includes:
  • The world’s first EI96 output transformer made with a Permalloy core. Permalloy has great magnetic qualities, making it a highly conductive metal. It requires much less winding, and in return it yields low capacitance. The results are a lightning-fast response speed, extended treble, and high-definition bass. The Permalloy core we use is produced in a specific composition and size, and is developed by a large steel factory specializing in aircraft parts supply.

  • The world’s first discrete mono-block design in a headphone amp. This design allows total channel isolation, with zero cross-talk or signal interference. You get a clean, dense sound image, and a 3-dimensional sound stage.

  • An innovative and yet simple way to select the working circuit for the 2A3, the 300B, and the 45 tubes. Individual circuits ensure that the power tube works  within precise parameters.

  • The shortest path of wiring throughout the unit. This happens through a compact vertical towerwith 2 compartments -- one for a power section, and the other for amplification and outputs. The chassis is 8.5”H x 6”W x 9.5”D, each unit weighing approximately 60 pounds.

All of the research and development of our products are done in-house, under our tight control. We have completed a final prototype of the amp, and are now working on fine tuning and extensive testing.

What headphones can it drives?

It drives any known dynamic headphones at their full potential, regardless of the specification.

What is the price?

It is always our goal to provide you with world class performance at a reasonable price. The estimated cost is $10,000 per pair.

Make your first audition of the WA-234 MONO at the 2011 CanJam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.



Woo Audio

September 16, 2011

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WA-234 MONO product page created: http://wooaudio.com/products/wa234mono/

You can also take a e-flyer here: http://wooaudio.com/products/wa234mono/234-introduction.pdf

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Been waiting to hear about this for a while. Can't wait to read some impressions. 

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Jack, can I trade body parts for this?

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Price of the forthcoming DAC?


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Originally Posted by jc9394 View Post

Jack, can I trade body parts for this?

Me too, I can trade one of my kidneys for this amp. biggrin.gif

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See you at CamJam Jack!

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Very interesting, out of my price range haha, but interesting non the less. I wonder if its possible to get both the pre amp and speaker amp sections in one unit. I'm sure it would cost a pretty penny extra but I wonder if you can get it built this way. Very cool stuff non the less, keep making beautiful amps Woo Audio!
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".. at a reasonable price - $10,000" 

Reasonable? for 10,000?!? It better be good!

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this amp is going to be a beast.

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Wow... I understand that it will drive any dynamic headphone (any headphone at all with the speaker amp version and the WEE), but what are the output specs, have they been finalized?


edit: pictures please!


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Can we have a sneak peek picture of it?evil_smiley.gif

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Sigh, the woo wa5 is still a class leading amp but after reading this, I feel like selling mine and upgrading! :(

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