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Laptop headphones

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I am starting university soon and figured it would be better to invest in some resonable headphones rather than speakers since I wont be allowed to have anything on too loud. My price range is under £30, ideally less being a student on a budget though! I don't want earphones but rather headphones. They will be mainly used whilst in my room for listening to music and gaming. It would be preferable if they had some sort of mechanism so that they fold up, or that they aren't TOO (e.g massive) so that I can pack them up and take them out and about in my laptop bag - however maybe this is too much to ask in this limited price range. I know you guys are all audiophiles so will try and get me to spent more than £30, but that is simply my top end budget.


Many thanks for your help in advance.


p.s im in the UK

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Koss PortaPro for thumpy bass, Meelectronics HT-21 for overall clarity.

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Well, since you didn't list any criteria other than budget, I'm gonna just recommend these as a point to start from for looking (closed). Also, look at these SR850's if you're ok with semi-open.


Very best,

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What is the difference in sound quality between closed and semi open?


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http://www.trustedreviews.com/meelectronics-ht-21_Headphones_review These ones look quite good with the collapsable feature. Reading around lots of people say that on ear style headphones can often cause sweaty ears and discomfort. Would there be any types of headphones that may be more comfty and possibly even more portable? I'm completely open to suggestions, however the price limit still sits at around £30.

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I think a good all-rounder for you would be the KOSS UR-55. They have a quite pleasant, fairly balanced sound signature, they fold flat for easy transport and they have the KOSS lifetime warranty, which is always a nice touch. There are some quite positive reviews of this can here at Head-Fi and I think they would be a great starter can. 



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Those koss UR55 look pretty good. Anyone else having else to say about them?

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Koss Ur-55 is a good headphone for the price and I think you can often get them on sale.

The comfort may be an issue for some since they're quite small.


They have some good mids and a decent amount of bass. Treble is a bit rolled off.

For being so cheap, the soundstage is quite good.


Sound clarity is good, but not great. About what I'd expect from a $50 headphone.


I actually prefer them to the Porta Pro.


It's probably not possible, but I'd also suggest the Maxell DHP-II. There's quite a lot of positive reviews on them. They're getting too hard to find and sometimes increase in price. They're worth looking into. I'd probably take them over the UR-55 maybe.



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