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Over the past few weeks, I've been listening for reasons to just sell my Stax Lambda setup and go back to the AD700s, since $250 (actually quite affordable by Stax standards) must be too expensive for a headphone setup (not factoring the speaker amp I need to drive the SRD-7/SB), right?


But I just can't bring myself to do it. The way they actually makes me want to seek out new music to listen to. The AD700s never really gave me that feeling when I first got them, not to this extent. And even if the improvement in gaming performance is slight and well into diminishing returns, it's still an improvement.


I don't think it's placebo, either. This might be the sort of sound I can only get out of electrostatics.


For gaming, I think it's pretty easy to pass the point of diminishing returns. But for music...I'm not so sure.