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New Headphones for Orchestra? (Shure 940's?)

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I am about to pull the trigger on the Shure 940's, but I am wondering if they would sound good with music genres such as movie themes. I listen to alot of John Williams, Hans Zimmer, etc. Would the Shure 940's sound good with that kind of genre. If not, then which headphones in the 300 price range would. I love listening to all kinds of music, but I never find specific reviews that center around music like this.



This is an example of what I am talking about.


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I found the Shure 940's to be great for classical. They have a bright (more treble) sound and a open and airy soundstage that's all good for classical.


They do best with a amp, but don't need one very badly. So you can wait off for quite a while before you get one.



AD700/900 - no amp needed

K/Q701 - needs a amp, a very small selection of amps


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I love the SRH940 for vocals and some classical.


But for movie themes and sound tracks, I find that most of them have seriously big bass packed in them because that's just the culture these days--bass is impactful, serious, moves your bowels, vibrates your heart, you know something is epic just by hearing the music. Right? Know what I mean? You can hear a sound track and go "OH MY GOD I MUST SEE THIS" as you get goose bumps just because you hear some string instruments and horns, with a low rumbling pulsing boom behind it.


My point is... get a headphone with some serious low end ability.


My suggestion to you... is the Denon D2000.


Very best,

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AKG K702 is perfect for classical music and opera!!



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Originally Posted by MozartMan1201 View Post

AKG K702 is perfect for classical music and opera!!



Yep!  My K701 through a Bijou tube amp is the best set up I've heard for classical music thus far.  Its very enjoyable.

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In my experience the K702 is THE hps for vocals, acoustics and classical music. Unamped my vote will go to the GMP 8.35/435, and the K-271MKll.

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Ooh theatrical music. Check out Stravinsky, Ravel and Debussy as well :) Great stuff from the late 1800s and early 1900s. 


I don't think classical requires "oomph". A loud crescendo is not about bass in my experience, but everything else. Dynamic capabilities bring drama, but only if every element in the piece is played accordingly!


Another vote for the 701, but as mentioned a million times, it's mediocre out of something that's either low in power reserves or otherwise just a bad match. Quite finicky :)

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I would recommend the K702 for classical too, the soundstage & complete lack of congested sound of those headphones takes some beating on classical, would choose them every time over the Shure's.


The K702 or 1's if you can still get them as I heard the K701 was being discontinued, do require a good amp though, they are low impedance but require quite a lot of power to get them to really express themselves well.

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