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LOL Tracy McGrady head-fi's as well???

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Okay, so I just got a new phone (Motorola Razr M) and it came with some free IEM's from a company called "Wicked Audio" They sound like absolute CRAP. I know they were free (and only run for $7 on Amazon) but good lord they are BAD. The speaker on the phone actually sounds better. They aren't tinny, they arent recessed, they are just absolute crap.


Coincidently, their name is actually "Deuce". http://www.amazon.com/Wicked-Audio-WI1800-IN-EAR-EARbuds/dp/B00821RDOU



For $7 these JVC earbuds are much better! http://www.amazon.com/JVC-HAFX8B-Headphone-Riptidz-In-Ear/dp/B005FDOVPM/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1361667991&sr=1-5&keywords=jvc+iem

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Ferrari by logic 3. Just plain terrible.

Which one?

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Apple ipod earbuds   :P

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Sennheiser HD218


The bass pulls of your head and ear...too much. Moreover this bass veils all other sounds like treble and midrange and the overall sound transforms to a pulpy/slushy thing.


First and last this is a total dead-end. Not recommended!!!


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Grado SR325i, most invasive HP I ever owned, still have nightmares eek.gif

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shure 240

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Never had a bad sounding pair of headphones. cool.gif


Always do my research first. wink.gif

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Skullcandy Skullcrushers.  I just can't even describe it.

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A friend of mine bought a pair of Sennheiser HD 408 without asking me for advice.

He was looking for a good bass response!!!! He mostly listen to Hip Hop, R&B, etc.
I've listened to 4 or 5 of his songs. Worst headphone for me (in the 'not extremely cheap' category)

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Grado SR325i, most invasive HP I ever owned, still have nightmares eek.gif

So you would rather have a pair of Apple earbuds?

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Don't know, never heard them, I alway throw them away in sealed packagebiggrin.gif but I bet they aren't as painfully shrill..


in that case.. yes  



-edit- :I rather listen to apple buds but I rather have 325i's.. so I could sell them

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A pair of supra-aural headphones that came with a Panasonic CD player I got. It was a generic-looking pair similar to what was included with a Sony Walkman in the 1990s. They sounded really flat compared to every other headphone I'd recently used, and lacked a lot of the detail.

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A couple years ago i had some Sony noise canceling on ear headphones. (MDRNC7) They were pretty awful. The noise canceling barely, if at all worked. The sound quality was poor although I don't remember why because I didn't know much about headphones back then. However, a couple weeks ago I saw a woman wearing the same model that I had and I felt bad for her for the awful headphones.

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