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The Sony XBA-4 sounds amazing with Trance and Electronica!

Eargasmic vocals too.

Head-Fiers shouldn't be hatin' on XBA-4, they are incredible IEMs if you can handle high energy treble and dynamics...

Sort of like a mix of qualities of TF10, CK10, and IE80/FX700 but with a sparkly/metallic treble.

Vaguely reminds me of Klipsch S4 treble, sometimes. I might be wrong, I havent heard the S4 in a while.

Definitely like the XBA-4 more than the EX1000!
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Holdin' out for Senn IE800 ....



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Originally Posted by audionewbi View Post

I dont know the technicality behind the reason why they XBA-3/4 sound they way they do but with fast pace music the music sounds 'confused'. There is just too much going on, everything is just confused. Its seems like the armature used are working against one another. I always compare my IEM with the good old ER4S. With smooth jazz, soul and live Jazz and most classical music with dominant presence of Cello the XBA-4 do a fantastic job( In particular with how they deal with upright bass.)


If you can find it below $300 and you listen to a lot of jazz/soul/ instrumental music I recommend it. If you want a cross-genre IEM than I would recommend to give it a pass.


Footnote on TF10: It was a long time since I had the TF10. For some reason TF10 left a positive impression on me. I could use the TF10 with a larger variety of music. Never had any problem with trance music(not that I can remember). If it was not for the poor construction and their odd fitting I would have kept them. I actually did not sell them. There build quality was very poor, I made logitech Australia to give me a voucher. I did not want to sell them to anyone as I felt I will be ripping people off. 


I highly agree, i think the 'confused' sound has alot to do with the tweeters shimmering more than they should. The TF10 had perfect highs from what i remember.

the xba-3 does everything right... amazingly so. but then the shimmer hits you in the face


EDIT: not in a bad way, when songs have a lot of energy you can hear them when sometimes you shouldnt - thats the metallic sound people talk about. its the only driver that "works against the rest", they step in too soon. with time they calm down, and EQing can take care of them. 

I will miss them

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Is the XBA-2 same or similar to XBA2VP?

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looks the same, VP with the extra mic.

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