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11 New Sony BA IEMs

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Just read the press release 15 minutes ago, it seems that they really floods the BA IEM's market by releasing 11 IEM at the same time. We'll see how they will compare :)


the model and its spec can be seen here:

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Highly interested in the 4 driver XBA-4! Wonder how it compared to the W4s... It look like sony is gonna get serious.

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Very interesting. tongue_smile.gif


Any ideas on when pricing details etc. will be known?

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looks interesting.. I'm curious how these BA from sony will compete with other BA based IEMs... 

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Indeed. The XBA-4 looks quite appealing.

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It's big and I can't wait to try the XBA-4.................

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These info and graphs are appetizing.

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I am excited to hear some reviews; seeing as I expect the XBA-4s to be way too expensive.

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Very interesting, especially the quad driver one, doubt theyll convince me to go back to universals though.

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Seems like the xba-04 compared to the xba-03 is a bit like the jh-16 compared to the jh-13

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oh sh*t I just wet my pants

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beat you to it with the video, i2ehan.

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