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What to expect from a E11?

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I've been doing a lot of reading on the subject of either upgrading or getting a better amp. A few years back I picked up a E5 to power my XB700's. Neither my Zen W or my laptop could properly support the headphone which is when I was guided to try the E5 to see if it offered any difference before looking towards the higher end amps. Well a few years have passed and obviously, Fiio has put out new products. I've been really eying the E11 to use with my Zen W but my concern is that I have no idea what to expect from it compared to the E5. I've read that the E5 actually hurts the quality of the music but yet it really gives the XB700's the needed power to move those drivers. Am I to then assume that the E11 could produce even more bass but with a cleaner sound? I am a bass head but I'm also looking for some clarity which I'm not really getting when using the E5. It's almost like I have to make a choice...either get the clarity of no amp or the bass of the E5. 


Anyways, if there are any members out there who has had both, your opinions would be amazing. Otherwise, anyone with any experience with the E11, please do share your thoughts.

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If you like what the E5 does, you will like the E11 better.  It has 2 gain levels for higher/lower sensitivity phones, and 2 levels of bass boost.  The E11 bass boost actually is a bass boost instead of the E5 trick of boosting bass slightly AND lowering treble slightly to make the bass boost seem bigger than it actually is.  E11 volume control is actually usable, vs the E5 click up/down volume.  Nice amount of power for full-size headphones.

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